Know What The Problem With Obamacare Is? We’re Too Stupid To Understand It

I’m not sure if telling Americans they aren’t particularly smart is the best way to sell a product…but, then, we did have over 50% vote for Obama

Are We Smart Enough for Obamacare?

Leaving aside the perceptions of Obamacare that prove so vexing to conservatives, there’s a huge problem with the current conception of the Affordable Care Act: It requires Americans to determine something complex on their own.

This is not a criticism of the Health Insurance Marketplace websites like, which look like they’re using a language remarkably like everyday English and navigation that’s reasonably intuitive. No, this is a criticism of average people, both educated and uneducated, who must engage a process that involves reading, comprehension, and decision-making—and applied to a process developed by bureaucrats and described as “an ugly patch on an ugly system.” It’s no wonder the roll-out involved hiring “navigators” who can offer in-person help for people drowning in data.

It does beg the question “if this is so damned complicated and difficult to understand, is this a good program?” If they’ve made things this complex but mandate people to either purchase insurance or face a fine/tax, and we’re talking about just understanding the way the insurance works and simply signing up, this is a problem. And we haven’t even gotten to the point where people would attempt to use the “Affordable” Care Act insurance yet.

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4 Responses to “Know What The Problem With Obamacare Is? We’re Too Stupid To Understand It”

  1. Free_My_Gumballs says:

    I am really upset, but not surprised, that the govt is paying thousands of people (union and illegals) to help people navigate through the web pages of Exchange. I hear they are getting @ $12 an hour.

    People to help people browse web pages?


  2. Trish Mac says:

    Yeah, well they’re too dump to implement it, and surely too dumb to protect our personal information and absolutely too dumb to figure out how sky high our premiums are going to go.
    By the way- did you hear how the servers couldn’t handle the traffic? They were designed for only 50,000 hits a day.
    Most blog sites are capable of getting more hits than that! These idiots haven’t a clue. Or they are willfully inflicting damage on the country. Some definitely are the former, and others definitely the latter.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Since Senator Cruz started his crusade against Obamacare:

    Obamacare is now MORE popular.
    Tea Party has 21% favorability.
    John Boehner is weakened.
    Republicans have 24% favorability.
    Obama’s favorability went up.
    Economy was further harmed.

    Was Cruz’s goal to kill the Tea Party?

  4. Trish Mac says:

    First of all, Obamacare is losing its’ popularity thanks to the lovely side effects it has exhibited- not the least are people with jobs in some states who HAD policies are being cancelled and forced into the system that will cost them double the premiums, because it’s a TAX and they do make MONEY. Now it is clear why the supreme court ruling had to describe it AS A TAX.

    There are SO many more such stories, and so much harm to the economy that it has and will continue to cause, I won’t even waste my time on it with someone like you who can’t fathom the truth.

    Who cares about Boehner and the Rinos? People have been inundating them all, as well as Ted Cruz who is one who actually paid attention, with demands to stand their ground. Some of that low favorability is coming from conservatives who are tired of voting in candidates for their supposed platforms, and then they get into office and go all wimpy on us.

    Obama? Well if 37% favorability is going up, God bless him. But I think that you just have one source of info and it is flawed, though even mainstream media can’t report anything negative about the loser in the white house.

    And lastly, the fact that Harry Reid gets a PASS from all of you who want to blame the R’s is disgusting. He has been the one blocking every step of the process and he sits there smugly like a little nasty troll never feeling the consequences. He and anyone who doesn’t hold him accountable, make me sick.

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