Deadly Boat Accident Blamed On Climate Change

You know, climate refugees

(EurActiv) Voices from across the developing world are warning EU leaders that a failure to cut CO2 emissions and respect funding commitments for projects to mitigate and adapt to global warming will lead to more climate refugees, and more tragedies like the one in Lampedusa.

As of today (8 October), the death toll from the sunken refugee boat stands at 232 people but, with another 200 still missing, it is expected to rise.

The boat was mostly carrying migrants from Eritrea, which the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says “has suffered greatly from the negative effects of climate variability” since 2000, and now suffers drought every three years.

Do we have long term data on Eritrea? We do know that it sits on the Horn of Africa. It’s eastern part along the Red Sea has generally been hot and dry. Unsurprising. They also deal with constant political issues, including from Islamic extremists, known formally as the Eritrean Islamic Jihad (they go by other names, too).

I do enjoy the part about “negative effects of climate variability”. Will that be the new talking point from Warmists, blaming man for cold and hot? Anyhow, if people can’t adapt to less than a 1.3C increase in temperatures, perhaps they shouldn’t be living in that area.

Interesting. Notice the pause/dip from 2000 on.

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5 Responses to “Deadly Boat Accident Blamed On Climate Change”

  1. Ignore_Overpriced_Gumballs says:

    climate variability

    So, now, any time the climate of a specific area changes from the previous day, month or year, is now solely due to man’s production of CO2. A molecule that was already in the environment in some form or another.

    Oh noes.. a desert area that man over populated is now becoming more desert-like. and people in their 1st-world air-conditioned fast-food lives want to blame someone else’s fast food for that.

    I’m sick and tired of being blamed for someone else’s irresponsibility and eco-mismanagement and war-torn strife.

    BITE ME!!!

  2. The goal posts move around like a target at a carnival.

  3. Trish Mac says:

    Anyone think that this ship was way overloaded as well as ? WTF is wrong with these morons? The people wanted out of a bad place-and put themselves at risk because the alternative was miserable and it had little to do with climate and lots to do with the region’s constant instability! Oh good golly that’s never happened before (can they spell Cuba?) and until global warming began folks all lived peacefully in all kinds of climates.

  4. Ignore_Overpriced_Gumball says:

    yeah, not like we’ve never heard of an over-full ferry capsize in these 3rd world nations. it is sad. It is reprehensible. But for many countries, this is the only form of transport that they have and they either catch that ferry at all costs, or they do without work or food for another day.

    But, don’t worry Trish. Solar power will save them. It will lift them out of poverty (by borrowing heavily to pay for the systems, then borrowing more to subsidize the overpriced and unreliable energy, and then borrow more to build a normal source of energy as a backup that they should have built in the first place) and they will soon be driving Camrys and SUVs in no time.

  5. Trish Mac says:

    Yes, it is clear that spending a fortune to install green energy systems will improve SOMEone’s life. I’m just not as clear as to just who that is- but I think it might start with Al Gore’s!

    And when the country goes even further into debt and despair thanks to global warming enthusiasts, will they try to drive their Camry’s and SUV’s across the seas? I don’t want to see that…

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