Shutdown Theater: NSA Spying Essential, Oversight Not

Buried in the technology section of the Washington Post writer Andrea Peterson finds something interesting

While the National Security Agency (NSA) has largely escaped the government shutdown, the panel investigating NSA spying practices has effectively been frozen. Politico reports that as of Friday, the five-member Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies lost its staff to the furlough associated with the government shutdown.

The group, which is largely comprised of intelligence community and White House insiders, …(snip)

… While in theory the members are unpaid, so the panel could continue without support staff or payment for travel expenses, that seems unlikely.

Well, not like the panel was giving a damn about the spying.on Americans in the first place.

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4 Responses to “Shutdown Theater: NSA Spying Essential, Oversight Not”

  1. Ignore_Overpriced_Gumballs says:

    Well, it’s not like NSA is a smoothly running machine.

    But then, is there anything the feds do well … or right?

  2. I’m trying hard to think of something……coming up blank. They don’t even spend money well.

  3. […] get in. All these people wanted to do was take some pictures.” (Read More)In other shutdown news, NSA spying has been deemed to be essential, but oversight is not. The administration is denying Catholic mass to our military members. Oh, and one guy was fined for […]

  4. Ignore_Overpriced_Gumballs says:

    But, they are highly accountable with perfect audits, right?
    I mean, .. well… ok.. what DOES happen with a bad audit … if one ever occurs?

    /rhetorical, i know.

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