New Zealand To Hold Hearing On Kiribati “Climate Refugee”

The results of the court case could have far-ranging implications

(Vancouver Sun) A man from one of the lowest-lying countries on Earth is trying to convince New Zealand judges that he’s a refugee – suffering not from persecution, but from climate change.

The 37-year-old and his wife left his remote atoll in the Pacific country of Kiribati six years ago for higher ground and better prospects in New Zealand, where their three children were born. Immigration authorities have twice rejected his argument that rising sea levels make it too dangerous for him and his family to return to Kiribati.

So on Oct. 16, the man’s lawyer, Michael Kidd, plans to argue the case before New Zealand’s High Court. Kidd, who specializes in human rights cases, told The Associated Press he will appeal the case all the way to the country’s Supreme Court if necessary.

Legal experts consider the man’s case a long shot, but it will nevertheless be closely watched, and might have implications for tens of millions of residents in low-lying islands around the world.

Warmists, including high level ones at the UN IPCC, have created this fantasy about “climate refugees”, because people never moved to a more preferable climate before SUVs.

I’ve mentioned this same guy before, and noted

In other words, he didn’t want to go back to the poo infested waters of Kiribati so he decided to apply using the silly “climate refugee” crap. Pun intended.

The waters around Kiribati are not rising. In fact, the islands themselves are growing. Even if the waters were rising, how the heck do these flat earth Warmists think they came into being anyhow? The islands are coral based, hence, the seas had to be higher in the past to allow the coral to build what would become islands when the sea level went down.

Here’s the sea level data for Kiribati, the last measurement by the Aussie government, which ran the monitoring station

Here’s more data, via Eyes On Brown

Here’s 3mm

Scared yet? Eyes On Browne has two more charts showing that sea rise is 0 for the periods 1992-1998 and 2000-2013. Either way, 3mm is nothing to be concerned with, and, quite frankly, well within the historical average for sea rise during the Holocene. We should actually be seeing more see rise simply from natural causation, lots more. The average sea rise is 6-8 inches (152-202mm) per century over the last 7,000 years (this time period is used due to the massive rise from the end of the last glacial period leveling off). During cool periods, which last longer than warm periods during the Holocene, we can expect little to negative sea rise. So, to create an average, we should see huge sea rise, right? With Kiribati we can extrapolate 317mm, or 12.48 inches over the 20th Century. But, we also see ebs and flows. Ups and downs. Furthermore, shouldn’t we expect sea rise during an inter-glacial?

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3 Responses to “New Zealand To Hold Hearing On Kiribati “Climate Refugee””

  1. Ignore_My_Gumballs says:

    Why didnt he just apply for normal citizenship like a normal person seeking immigration? I’m guessing that he tried to immigrate illegally, got caught, and is now trying this ploy to waste New Zealand dollars.

    He should have come here. The left would embrace him with open arms for being an illegal, set him up with a drivers license, bank account, free phone, health care, insurance, free rent, free groceries and free utilities.

    Why work?

  2. blick says:

    Many of the pacific islands depend upon plate tectonics for their sea level rise and fall. The Hawaiian islands gradually shrink in size as the plate moves further away from the uplift of the main volcanic vent. The Marianias rise and fall with the movement of the overriding plate and the subduction of the pacific plate in the Marianas Trench. The northern coral based cliffs of Guam are 300 ft high all of that from uplift of the plate. I would look up this little island to see if it is effected but I will leave that to the NZ lawyers to find their own geologist.

  3. IF memory serves, he arrived in NZ illegally, now doesn’t want to go back. I hope all the illegals here don’t get this same idea.

    Stop with the science stuff, Blick. You might confuse Warmists.

    A lot of these little atoll islands are actually growing, thanks to wave action adding sand.

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