Independence Day Patriotic Pinup

Happy Independence Day! An excellent day to remember what this nation was founded on. I’ve always liked the above pinup, just seems to encapsulate the holiday. There are a few more of my favorites below the fold.

What’s happening in Ye Old Blogosphere? The Fine Patriotic 21 (worked my way down the feedreader)

  1. American Perspective has patriotic bunnies
  2. Blogs For Victory has the Declaration
  3. Bookworm has Madison Rising’s Star Spangled Banner
  4. Cold Fury notes what it’s all about
  5. Dioneges’ Middle Finger has cheesecake
  6. Flopping Aces also has the Madison Rising SSB, plus more
  7. Jihad Watch discusses the choice between freedom and slavery
  8. Maggie’s Farm has July 4th links
  9. Maggie’s Notebook notes how America became America
  10. Michelle Malkin has thoughts on the day
  11. Political Clown Parade has good wishes
  12. Powerline has the eternal meaning
  13. Randy’s Roundtable has Independence Day wishes
  14. Reaganite Republican has July 4th Funnies
  15. The Astute Bloggers have July 4th music
  16. The Camp of the Saints has July 4th 2013 style
  17. The First Street Journal has Happy Dependence Day
  18. The Jawa Report has birthday wishes
  19. The Daley Gator has the Declaration
  20. The Lonely Conservative wants the government out of your grill
  21. Theo Spark has a somewhat patriotic pic dump
  22. More: The Victory Girls offer Independence Forever
  23. Ninety Miles From Tyranny has freedom from tyranny day
  24. Proof Positive has Ronald Reagan on the price of freedom

Do you have a patriotic post today? Celebrating July 4th? Women in patriotic bikinis? Linkback or drop me an email (wteach(at) and I’ll add you to the list!

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7 Responses to “Independence Day Patriotic Pinup”

  1. Wasted_Gumballs says:

    Happy 4th Ya’ll. May it one day be returned to our Bill of Rights.

  2. Diogenes says:

    Happy Independence Day to you William, and to all the readers of the Pirates Cove.

    And thank you for the linkage!

  3. Thank you, Admiral, for the Liberty Linky Love and for a fine selection of patriotic links.

  4. proof says:

    Happy Independence Day to all! Thanks for the linkage!

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  6. Thanks for the great round-up and for including mine. Hope you had a wonderful July 4th celebration.

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