Christian Groups Still Flocking To NJ To Help Post Superstorm Sandy

It would probably be uncharitable to note that other groups, such as liberals, progressives, Atheists, Democrats, along with (NMP) Obama, tend to be absent

( “It can get pretty emotional,” said Hudgins, 43. “We just want people to know that we love them and didn’t forget about them.”

Hudgins arrived in the Garden State last week as part of an army of out-of-state volunteers who are being dispatched to New Jersey this summer by Mission Discovery, a Christian organization that organizes relief missions for children and adults.

And what they’re finding is that Sandy’s destruction goes beyond the images of homes chewed up by storm surges. Sandy’s devastation, they said, can also be found in once-flooded basements that still have not been cleaned and in homeowners who are struggling to move on.

“It’s not just the physical destruction – it’s the emotional destruction,” said 18-year-old Tommy Treser, who just graduated high school. “That’s what surprised me.”

They are trying to focus on the emotional fallout, along with the physical fallout, of Superstorm Sandy. Kudos to Mission Discovery.

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7 Responses to “Christian Groups Still Flocking To NJ To Help Post Superstorm Sandy”

  1. eeyore says:

    My parents’ Iowa town was flooded in 2007 and the churches finally left in 2012. Many spent entire summers cleaning, demolishing, and renovating homes, all volunteer labor and buying supplies on their own. FEMA left town in 6 months.

  2. There’s nothing like Christian based groups for going out and helping.

  3. john says:

    SuperStorm Sandy?? Teeach you said it was “overhyped” and maybe not even a ral hurricaine when it hit.
    And now you are saying that Big Gvernment did not do enough, that I guess it just was not big enough to take care of everything right away?
    The radical right has always tried to cut FEMA funding
    My fav church group is the Mennonites. They know how to swing a hammer and are ALWAYS doing it.
    Now Teach have you been heading north every weekend with your church ? Or are you like one of those despicable “warmists” who don’t walk the walk?

  4. gitarcarver says:

    And now you are saying that Big Gvernment did not do enough, that I guess it just was not big enough to take care of everything right away?

    Oh john. Comprehension problems?

    If anything Teach is saying those who don’t have an official mandate – (ie churches) – do more than those within the government who have a mandate, who take tax funds and then sit on their collective butts and do nothing.

    When you look at the limited budgets of these churches that help and compare that to the FEMA budget, and then look at results, you can see how bloated, inefficient and wasteful government is.

    Or are you like one of those despicable “warmists” who don’t walk the walk?

    You still miss the point, john. I am not surprised by your lack of comprehension, but after being beat down on how many things you are wrong about, it is surprising how you even manage to turn on a computer.

    Teach is not telling churches to go out and do what they do. He is not demanding that churches act in a certain manner. That is unlike warmists such as yourself who demand others do what they will not.

  5. Wasted_Gumballs says:

    john and his ilk also ignore the fact that Obama emphatically stated that he would take care of those folks and cut the red tape. How many billions in tax dollars were given? How many millions in charity were given? Where did all those monies go to? (crony labor unions?)

    Most governmental agencies have left Moore already. We still have alot of volunteer groups coming in and helping. We are about 2/3 done with the demolition and debris removal. it is so very eery seeing vast swaths of a neighborhood with…. nothing. No trees, no chimneys, no houses. You’ll see a few brick mailboxes or refrigerators standing.

    But, churches were, have been, and will always be there for their communities in times of need. That was their founding mandate. Gov’t mandate is to take taxes by force.

  6. eeyore says:

    John, most of the cleanup in my parents’ town was volunteer labor and so was most of the rebuilding. The three FEMA workers spent most of the time in their cars, on phone or e-mail. How do I know this? The only place in town to get a signal was across the road from my parents’ house and I saw them all day as I and my siblings gutted the place.

    FEMA coordinates, they don’t do any work themselves, never have. The Red Cross supplied food. The only service my family received was carrying the debris away. I think you have a strange idea of what FEMA does. The third word is Management.

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    My church is hosting several of these groups here at the Shore. They’re good people.

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