Bummer: NC Illegals Leery Of Amnesty Bill

I know you’re all broken up about that

(WRAL) As the debate over immigration reform shifted to the U.S. House on Friday, some in the country illegally said they don’t like the legislation approved by the Senate but aren’t hopeful for anything better.

My first thought is “who cares what they think? They aren’t in the country legally, and they have no say in how we run our country”. That was my second thought, and my third thought involved some naughty words.

“I don’t even see this as an immigration reform bill. I see this as a national security bill,” Viridiana Martinez said.

Martinez, 26, is among an estimated 325,000 North Carolina residents who are in the country illegally. She said waiting a decade for citizenship is too long.

Tough (insert naught word here). Then leave. Go back to your home country and go the legal route, which takes a long time and costs quite a bit of money.

“There’s a lot of people in deportation proceedings right now,” she said. “You have a lot of people who have been deported already, so what’s going to happen to them and to reunite the families of those that are still here?”

Well, they can go back to their home countries.

Jose Rico’s family came to the U.S. legally 10 years ago when he was 13, but they remained in the country after their visas expired. (snip)

“I’m willing to take the bill because I want my mom to have her papers one day,” he said. “I’ll take it, but ultimately, I don’t like it.”

How charitable of you. And people wonder why Conservatives are anti-illegals. One of the reasons has to do with the attitude of people who are here illegally, including the one where they think they’re simply entitled.

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One Response to “Bummer: NC Illegals Leery Of Amnesty Bill”

  1. Wasted_Gumballs says:

    They and the elite Socialists, especially Obama, will be the ruin of this once great nation. If this nation succumbs to the whims of the “gimme free” generation, it will not survive.

    It will become a hispanic Britain, compared to the current Islamic Britain.

    I care not what anti-US persons feel or believe. They are enemies of our state.

    If they don’t feel welcome, then it is because they aren’t. They can leave, or face deportation when caught.

    There is no reason to give them hiring preference, free healthcare, and amnesty for crimes against the state.

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