Anthropomorphic Globull Warming?

Back during centuries and millennia past humans used to blame witches and gods for bad weather. Today’s Warmists have gone further in think the weather is a living being (via Tom Nelson, who provided that part in italics)

“There’s now rather convincing evidence [like what, specifically?] that climate change has brought about, if not more frequent, at least more vehement expressions from nature, and that we should be prepared for this,” UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson said at the conference.

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7 Responses to “Anthropomorphic Globull Warming?”

  1. Living_Gumballs says:


    I have no words….

  2. Yeah, there are times where you just can’t say a thing.

    I worked part time at a car dealership briefly, and was taking someone on a test drive. I told her we would go up to the stop sign then go across. We started getting close to the intersection and weren’t slowing down, so I said “we gotta stop at the sign,” to which she said “Oh, I though you said just go across.” Neither myself nor her husband said a freaking word.

    These kinds of Warmist yammerings bring on the same speechlessness.

  3. Living_Gumballs says:

    I’m waiting for them to bring up the reason for the missing global heat is because of the invisible sky dragons have fallen asleep, or have gone to the deep seas due to all the air pollution.

    Or, perhaps as Louis Farrakhan suggests, the heating of the atmosphere was from the mother ship, and 20 years ago it left. It left him.

  4. john says:

    coldists think that God controls the. weather. That the Magic Man in the Sky sends bad weather when people do not pray to him enough. Or like when he sent The Great Flood and killed everybody except for those on the Ark boat.

  5. It’s probably because of the unicorns going extinct. Or, possibly, #mermaids.

    Nice little strawman you built, John. Except, we think that natural processes control the majority of the weather. You Warmists are the morons who think Mankind controls all the weather, and want to jail or kill people who do not agree with you.

    BTW, nice job denigrating the beliefs of the religious. You display such tolerance for the viewpoints of others.

  6. Rhadagastt says:

    “Coldists”– is that even a term? Holy cow that is particularly pathetic even for a moon bat alarmist. It’s interesting that John brings up religion since he has very clearly identified himself as acolyte of the altar of Gore. John, what about your beliefs don’t resemble a religion? Most of what you believe, you are taking purely on faith. Don’t try to say the preponderance of the scientific evidence– b/c the when it comes to AGW, the scientific process has been summarily ignored, scorned, mocked, pissed on, and left for dead. As such, there is very little actual verifiable evidence available to base your belief system. It’s mostly just computer models, which reality is proving highly unreliable. You, my friend, have much more in common with those religious zealots that you so love to mock than you probably want to admit.

  7. UncleDan says:

    John, God DOES control the weather. God controls everything. God exists, whether you want to believe it or not. And if you want to waste even a second of your life arguing that there is no God, you go ahead and do it. Because a real atheist would be horrified at wasting any time in a life he/she has no idea the length of – and for which the end is eternal darkness, silence, and no awareness or consciousness. Think about that. Believers on the other hand look forward to an afterlife of joy and experiences of the very highest form of consciousness.

    And yes, the flood DID happen. How many were killed and how big it was is debatable, but if you do a little research, there are many ancient records of some kind of catastrophic flood event in the past – which affected much of the world at that time.

    John, open your mind up. God exists. Conservatism works. Humanity is wonderful and should increase in numbers, spreading out across the universe. People are inherently good and should be free. The earth is not being destroyed by warming but could benefit from a good cleanup and less exploitation of its resources. America is a good place overall – the best country on Earth, actually. Democracy and Capitalism are good ideas when not abused. The Constitution works and is the best framework for a country ever. Gun ownership is a good idea. American oil and resources should be tapped – in a manner that does not leave a mess. We should continue to have the most powerful military in the world, because peace through strength works. There should be no illegal immigration – everyone should come in the same way – fairly. The government should be much smaller and have spending under control. We should and must move to where we have less government, less taxes, and less abortion.

    These are the things we believe. You can argue here all you want against them but you won’t change my opinion for one, because these things are right. And they work. And we have 5000-plus years of history to prove it.

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