If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle making it so hot it snows, you might just be a New Climate Denier

The blog of the day is Nice Deb, with a great post on what should happen to Eric Holder, per Judge Jeanine Pirro.

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4 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. JGlanton says:

    You can see the problem right here. A smart girl must select stilletto heels with vibram lug soles if she expects to encounter inclement weather in her Corvette. Although in her defense, the car has Nevada plates so the probably of encountering snow must have seemed infinitessimally small. That’s where she erred, though. If she had read the NY Times instead of In Style she would have known that rich-white-chevy-driving-man-caused climate change is bringing unprecedented snow and cold all over the world.

  2. My_Gumballs_Are_Stuck says:

    Well, it’s her own fault. If she were drying a Leaf, then she would not have created the snow that caused her to get stuck.

    And, if she were driving a Leaf, she couldn’t have gotten as far as the mountains anyway. Unless of course she lived high alpine areas where she would get snow in town, in that case, she’s just stupid to be driving a Leaf in the snow.

    What were we talking about?

  3. On the bright side, she was smart enough to drive an automatic, rather than a stick with those heals, though, who the hell spends the money on a Vette with an automatic? Blasphemy!

    Anyhow, I blame GB. Or Bush. Maybe Palin.

  4. My_Gumballs_Are_Stuck says:

    HEY NOW!!!
    No need to get personal. Sometimes, driving an automatic leaves your hands free. Like, giving physical directions for the lass on the timing of when to push the car or when not to. The free hand can also be used to uphold that leaded glass of fine Chardannay, toasting the great accomplishment of said woman’s ability to push from behind.

    But if sheer horsepower and gas guzzling is all you car zealots can think about, then I defer to your “Damn the Earth, Full Gas Ahead” mentality. Just think of what you are doing to the Earth?!? Just think of what you are making blonde ladies do? For the sake of your CAGW lifestyle, you demand that they shove your cars out of the CAGW snow. SIGH. I have no sympathies for your stick-shifting ways you gas-guzzling cavemen!!

    Learn to love the automatic, for soon, the gov’t will be driving for you.

    (OT: how much do you want to bet that new car sales will continue to plummet as more hear the news that more and more vehicles are coming equipped with Black Boxes? Even before a law is signed mandating them in all new vehicles sold. Very scary times we live in indeed.)

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