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I finished Clone Hunter by Victor Methos, excellent, excellent book. 4 1/2 Pirate Flags out of 5. Hoping there will be a follow up.

Deep into Under Foot (Outside Context Problem) by Christopher Nuttall, the 2nd book in the series. I’m finding it a bit better than the first, where the United States is under the foot of the alien invaders and having to deal with all sorts of Quislings. Not even close to being done, it’s 489 pages.

I’ve also been slowly reading The Mad, Mad, Mad World Of Climatism. I’ll provide a write up once I finally finish, but, let me say that this should be the one book that every Warmist, and those on the fences, should read. Heck, even if you do not buy into “climate change”, you should read it. The facts and figures, along with the history, of “climate change” is put in an excellent format that anyone can easily understand.

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One Response to “Watcha Reading?”

  1. Read_My_Gumballs says:

    I’ve heard good things about the MMMWoC book.

    Don’t recall if I told you last time, but I read Brandon Sanderson’s “The Arithmatist”. Very good Teen\Young Adult book. The start of a new series from Sanderson. Think of Harry Potter, but instead of wands, they use chalk as the means and focus of magic. There are specific rules to this magic that SAnderson has developed and it is fascinating. The world follows much of our history, but has a steam-punk feel and an altered one. The middle of the continent is flooded and the central area is dominated by “WILD” chalkings. The magic was found and developed to protect people from the wild chalkings. And there seems to be another presence driving them.

    I am now reading Anthony Zuiker’s Level26 series. First book is Level 26 about the new level of serial killer and the one man that can bring him down. Not sure how this is a trilogy after they killed off the main bad guy in the first book, but, I’m trudging through.

    I might go to RA Salvatore’s books after this.

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