We’re Saved! Super Awesome Breakthrough In Nuclear Power Will Reduce Hotcoldwetdry

With this, we can do away with all fossil fuels, and that evil Keystone XL. Of course, Warmists tend to hate nuclear, too, because mumble garrble

One giant leap for mankind: £13bn Iter project makes breakthrough in the quest for nuclear fusion, a solution to climate change and an age of clean, cheap energy

It may be the most ambitious scientific venture ever: a global collaboration to create an unlimited supply of clean, cheap energy. And this week it took a crucial step forward. Steve Connor reports

Whew! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? And all for a bit over $20 billion US! And a solution to climate change! I mean, really, this is mega huge!

An idyllic hilltop setting in the Cadarache forest of Provence in the south of France has become the site of an ambitious attempt to harness the nuclear power of the sun and stars.

It is the place where 34 nations representing more than half the world’s population have joined forces in the biggest scientific collaboration on the planet – only the International Space Station is bigger.

Hooray….um, hooray?

(Breitbart) The “breakthrough” is that they got final approval for pouring the reinforced concrete blanket. After thousands of words extolling the benefits of nuclear fusion, and relating the long history of the Iter project, we’re finally given a timeline that doesn’t even mention the year 2013 at all. The last significant event on the timeline was 2005, when the Iter site was chosen; the next notable event will come in either 2021 or 2022, when the first infusion of ionized gas is scheduled. Electricity will not be produced until sometime in the 2030s, and power from the plant won’t be commercially available until sometime in the 2050s.

Via Ace, who rewrites the headline: “$20 Billion Multi-Government Project Begins Pouring Some Concrete After 10 Years of Planning”.

Oh, and let’s not forget that, despite some attempt to do “green” things with concrete, it is one of the worst “carbon” offenders, supposedly putting out 5% of all CO2 emissions.

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