Sierra Club Comes Out In Favor Of Amnesty For “Environmental Reasons”

It’s funny how so many “climate change” believers tend to espouse the same political views as hard core leftists, isn’t it?

(Grist) It was notable when Bill McKibben of and Philip Radford of Greenpeace recently came out in support of immigration-reform legislation.

But it’s really notable that the Sierra Club has now joined them. Over the past decade and a half, the club has had vicious leadership battles over immigration and population. But now the board of directors, which is elected by the group’s 1.4 million members, is unanimously agreed.

Why? Here’s their official position

Currently at least 11 million people live in the U.S. in the shadows of our society. Many of them work in jobs that expose them to dangerous conditions, chemicals and pesticides, and many more of them live in areas with disproportionate levels of toxic air, water, and soil pollution. To protect clean air and water and prevent the disruption of our climate, we must ensure that those who are most disenfranchised and most threatened by pollution within our borders have the voice to fight polluters and advocate for climate solutions without fear.

Which is weird, because so many environmental groups have failed to fight for environmental conditions in low income areas. But, anyway, apparently we need to provide a “pathway to voting Democrat citizenship” to stop hotcoldwetdry.

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One Response to “Sierra Club Comes Out In Favor Of Amnesty For “Environmental Reasons””

  1. Gummie_Brains says:

    Just open the friggin border already. Just give up. I’m done with this country. It’s going to die real soon anyway. Might as well see what will happen.

    Bet you didn’t know that Sierra Club gets federal dollars too. As do many of the enviro-clubs.

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