Bummer: Global Movement To Reduce Carbon Intensity Has Flat-Lined

Much like the global temperature since 1990, but this really, really upsets Warmist Jeff Spross at Joe Romm’s highly partisan and George Soros funded Climate Progress

The global effort to produce less carbon-intensive completely stalled over the last two decades, according to a new reportby the International Energy Agency. The paper put together a measure of carbon intensity — how much carbon is released per unit of energy created — and found its essentially been flat in the United States since 1990, while dropping slightly for Europe and rising for China

The combined result was that the carbon intensity of the world’s energy production dropped 6 percent from 1971 to 1990, but then flat-lined afterwards.

The headline wonders why this has happened. After some blah blah blah and noting that energy usage has double (which is apparently a big problem for the Warmists when it comes to other people, especially the people in “developing countries”, having energy) we get

Instead, thanks to our refusal to put a price on carbon, America remains the single largest subsidizer of fossil fuels in the world. Instead of doing the heavy lifting on renewables ourselves, we’re leaving the less fortunate of the world to carry the burden.

Why would we put a price on carbon? It’s not carbon that Warmists say is the problem, it’s carbon dioxide. There’s a big difference. The very fact that Warmists refuse to use proper terminology shows they care little for science and a lot for social movements.

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