Eliot Spitzer Provides A Climate Change (Hoax) Plan That Even Conservatives Can Love!!!!

I’m assuming that by “love” they are referring to the way some would say “love it!” when they see something funny like the videos from Freaky The Scary Snowman

A climate change fix conservatives can love (also at Slate)

Well, Eliot would know about love, eh? OK, cheap shot.

And what are we talking about in our presidential campaign? Obamaloney and Romney Hood. Silliness has taken over, and the capacity to raise tough issues has dissipated if not gone entirely. Climate change appears to have fallen off the political agenda.

Are you ready for silly? I bet you are

Yet there is an answer for either candidate courageous enough to take the first step. This answer is steeped in conservative economics: Companies that pollute should be taxed so that a product’s cost to society is reflected in the price of that product. Milton Friedman and Richard Posner agree on this point!

The idea, proposed by Hansen, is simple: a fee on carbon emissions collected from fossil-fuel companies, with 100 percent of the money rebated to legal residents on a per capita basis. It is simple, would move us away from carbon-based fuels, would cost most consumers nothing, and would stimulate innovation in the clean-energy sector. Right now, in contrast, we are subsidizing fossil fuels to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year — while the greatest minds in science agree that we are destroying our planet.

So, let me get this straight: we’re going to tax companies that “pollute”, ie, release some greenhouse gases, with the result being that the price of the product will be artificially inflated, then take that fee/tax and give it in full back to the people who are paying the higher costs for the products because the companies are being taxed/fee’d? In what world is that in any way conservative? Not that I have to explain it to you, but this is a classic far left redistributive plan which would also cause the price of everything else that relies on fossil fueled transportation to rise precipitously, which would not be covered by the “rebates”, which would surely see a huge cut end up in the government’s hands and used for other things.

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