ABC News Really, Really, Really Hoping Hurricane Hits Tampa RNC

How else to explain why they recycled a story from August 10th to August 13th?

Could a Hurricane Rock the Republican Convention?

In 15 days the best and brightest of the Republican Party will flock to Tampa for a showdown between Tea Party conservatives and the GOP establishment as the party attempts to coalesce around one man: Mitt Romney.

But as ideas clash inside, a storm could be brewing outside as well. The Republican National Convention is scheduled during the peak of Florida hurricane season. And Tampa Bay is three kinds of vulnerable to the horrific winds, piercing rains and engulfing floods that come with an Atlantic hurricane.

As a coastal city, Tampa is vulnerable to storms spinning west from the coast of Africa, coming north through the Caribbean or swirling east from the Gulf of Mexico.

My original reason for bothering to read the story was to see if the climate change hoax was mentioned. Surprisingly, it wasn’t. But, a hurricane could rock the RNC!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

The Republican National Convention takes place smack dab in the “heart of hurricane season,” Feltgen said. That season became slightly bleaker last week when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association tacked an additional three storms onto its predictions.

NOAA said Thursday that it expects between 12 and 17 storms with winds exceeding 39 mph, and two or three could be major hurricanes with winds of at least 111 mph. (snip)

Since NOAA began keeping track in 1852, the Tampa area has weathered 27 hurricanes. Six of those have made landfall in the month of August, the month of this year’s GOP convention.

The area’s most recent hurricane, Charley, blew through in 2004. The category 4 storm was originally projected to storm straight into Tampa, but made a last-minute change of direction, hitting about 130 miles south. It brought 150 mph winds and caused $15 billion in damages.

This appears to be wishful thinking on the part of ABC News’ Amy Bingham rather than an actual story. Right now there are zero active storms in the Atlantic. There’s one tiny low pressure wave out in the Atlantic at the moment with virtually no chance to develop and in a location that would pose no threat to the United States, and another that is approaching the lower Caribbean with little chance of development. Granted, we’re still 15 days out. But, consider that a hurricane hasn’t hit the United States since Hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008, almost 4 years ago. It’s been almost 2500 days since a major hurricane (Cat 3 or higher) hit (Wilma, October 24, 2005).

Warmists breathlessly prognosticated that globull warming would cause more hurricanes. When that didn’t work out, they said there would be fewer hurricanes, but stronger. That failed, too. Now, apparently, they are really hoping that the city of Tampa and the surrounding areas are hit with a hurricane just to disrupt the Republican National Convention.

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5 Responses to “ABC News Really, Really, Really Hoping Hurricane Hits Tampa RNC”

  1. Ed Wallis says:

    I can confirm that; I live here. TO BEST TRACK activity, see
    either the RADAR, HURRICANE or TROPICAL tabs.

  2. Good info, Ed.

    The chance of seeing any tropical weather in the next 15 days is extremely low, much to the distress of Progressives.

  3. Trish says:

    And I can confirm that ABC, like all of the rest, are so full of $hit they wouldn’t even blow away in a hurricane.

    One day when they’re all sitting at home watching Fox News because none of their lying liberal faces have an outlet to work for anymore, perhaps they will grow up. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    NOAA said Thursday that it expects between 12 and 17 storms with winds exceeding 39 mph, and two or three could be major hurricanes with winds of at least 111 mph.

    a bit of a biased hopeful misquote? Surely NOAA does not expect 12-17 storms to hit Thursday. Do they think these things pop up without warning right off the coast of the US?

    They start either on the African mainland or just off shore (for the most part). Later season storms do begin closer, but I guess we aren’t talking about September and October. I’m smart like that.

    I envy your stamina Teach. I lost the fortitude to continually try and digest these sewer-fillers every day for my own bloviating dissemination.

  5. Do they think these things pop up without warning right off the coast of the US?

    Yes. Yes they do.

    The funny part regarding the claim that no hurricane has hit since 2008 is that NO ONE ever attempts to dispute it by bringing up Irene. I throw it out there, Steven Goddard does, other Realists do, and no Warmist even attempts to say we’re full of sh*t. Most know they were getting conned. Hell, it went right over where my parents live in NJ and they slept through it, no more than a regular Jersey storm.

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