Green Police Invade Miami Beach

Live in Miami Beach? Well, prepare yourself to have your garbage invaded

(InfoWars) Audi’s infamous ‘Green Police’ Superbowl commercial may not be far off coming to fruition. Miami Beach has passed an ordinance that makes recycling compulsory from July 2013, with those who fail to comply under threat of fines up to $2500 dollars.

“People, who live in the city of Miami Beach, must soon recycle or possibly face fines,” reports

“Once the ordinance goes in effect in July 2013, people who don’t recycle would be fined $350 for their first violation, $500 for their second violation and $1,000 for the third violation.”

The Miami Herald reports that the fine for a fourth violation would total $2500.

Mandatory recycling ordinances represent another example of how big government is exploiting the environmental movement to increase regulation and big brother snooping on Americans’ private lives.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing wrong with recycling. It is good for the environment. Where I live, Raleigh NC, the city has made it easier by providing garbage can sized recycling bins (we used to have tiny ones) with handy dandy graphics on top to say what can and can’t be recycled. But, it’s not mandatory. The bins must have cost quite a bit, and our waste pickup costs did go up a bit. But, I’m good with that.

This, though, is truly George Orwell’s 1984, where people can be fined for failing to recycle, and garbage men are turned in law enforcement officers who have to inspect people’s garbage. It’s happened in other cities. Funny how liberals always say they want government out of their bedrooms, but are good with government being in their garbage.

Humorously, Miami Beach admits it doesn’t have the money to enforce this Big Brother ordinance. Yet, they still passed it.

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4 Responses to “Green Police Invade Miami Beach”

  1. mememine says:

    Can any of you remaining doomers debate climate change crisis outside of “they say”? Can you goose stepping Greenzis think for yourselves?
    Besides “they say” claiming “it is real and happening”, what proves climate variation is now controlled by my SUV now and not the vast powers of Nature and the cosmos we evolved from? I need a solid warning from the world of science that doesn’t qualify “crisis” with “potentially”. If tipping point was translated to THE END OF THE WORLD, the science would be believable. Exaggeration is not a crime.
    1-Is it those magical dipsticks of time called Harry Potter ice cores that every scientist has a different way of interpreting?
    2-Is it tree rings that discount ancient climates before these trees?
    3-Is it comparing today’s climate with ancient climate records stored somewhere that don’t explain the tropical fossils under the melting poles even though this climate of today has NEVER happened before?

  2. No, they can’t discuss it except in future terms, because if they make short term predictions they always fail. Few remember their predictions 10,20, and more years down the road.

  3. david7134 says:

    I don’t know about where you live, but here the city recycles. They have the various items in the correct trash cans and then they take everything and throw it in the city dump. I would seem to me that technicology can seperate out the various items if you really want to recycle. Or how about all those people on wellfare? Let them seperate out the junk.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    But David, that process does not provide a control over the population. If you mandate a certain activity, then you can fine it, and then increase taxation and tout a benefit. Doesn’t matter that they can’t prove a causal-relationship between their city recycling and global temperatures.

    Doesn’t matter that the city could probably filter and pick out the various parts to the trash more efficiently and cheaper than an enforced, mandated, and fine-riddled ordinance.

    Isn’t the best recycling method is to use the trash as fuel? THere’s an endless supply of fuel coming from each house. And the people are paying you to haul it away for them. Throw that stuff in a furnace and use it to heat your downtown buildings and turn electricity-generating turbines.

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