Romney Turns Dems “War On Women” Meme Right Back At Obama

The Democrats started their little meme of a Republican war on women a few months ago with their Sandra “I want tons of free contraception” Fluke fake Congressional hearing, and have ginned up more outrage since. Though, I’d think women would be a little ticked off that Democrats have essentially been stating that women aren’t capable of earning the small amounts necessary to purchase condoms, birth control pills, etc, on their own. Rather patronizing, eh? And Mitt Romney takes the meme and turns it back at Obama in an economic way, both on a conference call and a speech

(Washington Post) In a conference call with reporters Tuesday afternoon, Bay Buchanan, the former treasurer of the United States and a top Romney backer, contended that the Obama administration’s policies have had a detrimental effect on the country – and that the economic downturn has overwhelmingly affected women.

“The number of unemployed women have increased by nearly a million under Barack Obama,” Buchanan said, citing a Bureau of Labor Statistics report. “Ninety-two percent of the jobs lost since he took office are women.”

Bay Buchanan, for those who aren’t familiar with the name, is a woman.

(CNN) Speaking at a Delaware structural steel factory, Romney responded to Democratic claims his party had waged a “war on women” and alienated female voters. Romney turned the argument around, accusing President Barack Obama’s administration of failing working women.

“The real war on women has been the job losses as the result of the Obama economy,” he told an audience in Wilmington, saying women had lost 92.3% of jobs lost under the Obama administration.

Romney said his private sector career had helped him understand what women worry about: jobs and the economy.

Team Mitt provides this handy dandy graphic

Women And The Obama Economy [Infographic]

Team Obama provided some whiny comebacks, particularly about “women’s health” and contraception, because, in Obama World, women need the ever-present guiding hand of the male dominated government when it comes to sex.

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2 Responses to “Romney Turns Dems “War On Women” Meme Right Back At Obama”

  1. Tank says:

    Ok. Romney killed Osama, but he’s just killing oil drilling and the economy.

    Seriously, is there any divide between things you wish were plausible and those you believe are? Or are you happy to shop any old nonsense just as long as someone told you to.
    A lot of people like Harry Potter. Come election day, he’s going to get zero votes though. It’s just how fiction vs non-fiction works.

    What meme do you think exists here other than “we now realize that attacking a variety of women’s rights as thought it was a competition was a retarded idea in an election year, regret it immensely and wish something else had happened”.

    Except it didn’t. And now you’ve handed Obama the presidency, courtesy of the math that having a double digit deficit among half the population carries with it. To be fair though, you have left open the option of denying the science behind maths, so you’ve always got that trump card to play.

    What dystopian sci-fi could I write that could hold a candle to a state requiring women be penetrated with medical instruments against their will and forced to look at that. Or throwing out equal pay protection for women. Or constantly cheering when someone talks about defunding the most popular health care provider among women, Planned Parenthood.

    In your fantasyland, does actually legislating these ideas into reality somehow compare to talking about vague theories that Obama is a secret muslim socialist setting up FEMA camps and trying to take away your guns? Maybe Alex Jones and that lizard alien guy have the winning formula for that line.

    The party of limited government intrusion into people’s lives and personal liberty came up with this *legislation* without any help from the Democrats, then spent months arguing in its favor and justifying it. You did this because you wanted to and thought it was a great idea. I don’t believe there is a Democrat strategist capable of conceiving such a plan to trick the GOP into shooting off both feet and most of their legs in an election year. So no, you’ve just got yourself to blame for that.

    Saying loud and wide that Obama is a bigger threat to women’s rights than the GOP should be about as successful as telling latinos the same thing. Oh yeah, that other thing that makes everyone feel just great while you’re doing it and really buoys the spirits of the ranks, but doesn’t work so well in this whole “oh shit, people get to vote in a democracy” system somebody came up with last week.

    Why don’t you just wear crystals around your neck. It’ll secure the same positive outcome for you and be a lot less ridiculous to watch. Or better yet, try being less idiotic for 3.5 years on the basis that 0.5 years ain’t a lot of time to rebuild those thoroughly burnt bridges.

    I can’t wait for the next round of “OMG what embarassing secrets the magna cum laude graduate of Harvard must be hiding in his academic results, because who really believes some darky could achieve that without some conspiracy being involved”. It’s literally awesome to watch. As though none of you are aware of what you’re saying or what it looks like to everyone else.

    Collectively, during an election year mind you, what broad description could you give to this other than the GOP went right the fk off this whole election wining idea. They’re done with that old dog and pony show, they’re in a different business now. It’ll probably involve kicking a baby or 2 and talking about how Asians can’t drive.

  2. Tank says:

    Yeah, I’m not quite happy with that. I did want to say that I don’t believe the Democrats have the talent, skill or expertise to devise such a plan to trick the GOP into self-sabotage this insane and drawn out.

    On the other hand, someone tapped a candidate to run in 2012 who implemented Obamacare 1.0 and also supported a cap and trade plan for tackling carbon dioxide emissions as a way to combat climate change. And that’s the GOP challenger to Obama.

    Is anyone, anywhere willing to bet currency the man behind that curtain is a registered Republican?
    How would it look different if he wasn’t?
    Who could possibly be run alongside Obama in a rigged, 2 democrat race who had a stronger, more bold progressive resume than this candidate?

    Or maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way and the GOP just pulled a swift one on the Democrats and stifled their most promising progressive candidate for the 2016 race. Wow.

    And to think…. in 2008, “the manchurian candidate” was an actual meme about Obama. This has to win some kind of best script award at the Tonies or something.

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