International Women’s Day Highlights Women Being Too Weak And Slow To Outrun Trace Gas Necessary For Life

Via Tom Nelson, whose headline was better “Bummer: Women allegedly can’t run fast enough to escape the alleged dangers of carbon dioxide”

(Green Fudge)….wait, Green Fudge? It’s probably because I’m writing this in the a.m. for posting later, but, that brings a disturbingly disgusting image to mind…..anyhow ……. While the cumulative effects of rising global temperatures have already caused dramatic changes to our planet, those changes often seem distant and it’s hard to put faces to them. But as climate change becomes more disruptive to daily life around the world, it’s more likely than not that the faces of that disruption will be those of women.

With the world celebrating International Women’s Day on Thursday, it’s a good time to reflect on just how vulnerable women are to the effects of climate change.

If you’re surprised to hear that gender makes a difference, you shouldn’t be. After all, we’ve long known that some groups are particularly threatened by climate change; the world’s most impoverished people are the best example. Millions of the poorest people live in regions that will be increasingly struck by rising sea level, extreme storms, droughts and famines. Women make up a shocking 70 percent of people living in poverty around the world.

Except, the seas aren’t rising anymore, storms have always happened, and so have droughts and famines. The whole story is basically a reiteration of the same old complaints we’ve seen, in a woman-centric fashion, with the “solutions” being education and “empowerment”, but, no mention of Warmists living….well, you know what I’m going to write, eh? Money quote

…During natural disasters and extreme storms — of which many are increasingly linked to our carbon-loaded atmosphere — women often lack the physical strength needed to pull themselves to high ground or to run for safe cover.

Did they just call women weak and slow? Rather misogynistic, eh?

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