Snap! Temporary Pause In Volt Production Is A Good Thing!

It’s lengths that Volt fanboys will go to defend this POS…..well, except purchase one for themselves

(EV World) The five-week shutdown of the Volt production line is a good thing for plug-in vehicles because it will help align production with demand and keep GM’s revenue on the vehicles higher and fund ongoing vehicle development.

Here’s my rationale. The Volt is a great car. My extensive test drives have proved to me that its technology did everything it was advertised to do. But it’s an expensive car. GM could have put a Cadillac label on it and no one would have squawked – and its $41,000 price tag might have made more sense (even though federal and state incentives can knock that down quite a bit) . As a compact Chevy (particularly sitting on the lot with a similar-size Cruze going for half the price), the high price and its new technology have found buyers, but mainly among the techy, wealthy early adopters. Those who’ve bought the vehicle, including neighbors I’ve talked to and owners I’ve met at a Bay Area EV Meet-Up last year, love the car. My neighbor trekked more than 400 miles south to be the first on his block to get a Volt. I doubt he will be the last.

It’s so simple: keep the price high so rich people (and government) can purchase them. Screw all you other peons who are suffering with high gas prices. Hey, maybe if production shuts down permanently, the price will skyrocket!

Notice the writer mentioned test driving one, but, not purchasing one himself. It really comes down to supposedly saving the money in gas by spending $20k more. Except, one would have to keep this POS for a long, long time for it to matter. Or, one could spend $20k and buy a Cruze. Or a Ford Focus. Sentra. Corolla. Etc. And have money to use the car to take a trip, something not easily accomplished in the Chevy POS.

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5 Responses to “Snap! Temporary Pause In Volt Production Is A Good Thing!”

  1. Black Flag says:

    What you have here is another example of media types throwing every iota of common sense away to defend this administration. I can’t wait until this tool reads about the Fisker tonight – check out Weasel Zippers and see THAT little doozy of an article. Which, by the way, was another worthless Environmental Wacko Green FAIL idea the taxpayers got soaked for.

  2. Yeah, I caught that over at Ace. Yet another #Fail by the Obama admin.

  3. Dana says:

    If the Dolt was such a great car, why would we need a tax break to get people to buy the damned things, and even with that, not enough people buy them to keep the production line going.

    There were more Ford F-series trucks purchased in January than all of the Dolts bought, ever, period. There is no tax break for buying an F-150, no government program to “encourage” you to purchase one.

  4. Dana says:

    I particularly loved this line: “owners I’ve met at a Bay Area EV Meet-Up last year, love the car.” Well, duhhh! If you met them at a “Bay Area EV Meet-Up,” you have met a self-selected group of electric vehicle fans.

    The real proof is in sales; that’s where you find out how much people really like the Dolt. At least so far, the answer seems to be, “not much.”

    Now, I have absolutely no problem with Chevrolet manufacturing and trying to sell the Dolt; that’s free enterprise, and the Dolt should have to compete in the marketplace. I do have a problem with the feds giving people a $7,500 tax credit for buying a particular favored car. that’s just plain wrong.

  5. Must have been a pretty small meet up, considering said sales.

    And, you’re exactly right, it is absurd to give tax credits for preferred cars. I was against it for early hybrids, against it for all.

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