Occupy Cincinnati: “It Was Disgusting”

More people were arrested in Cincinnati today

Cincinnati police arrested 23 men and women and cleared out Piatt Park in the early hours of Friday morning, putting an end to the occupation of the small park near the Main Library by Occupy Cincinnati, an off-shoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Here’s where it gets icky

(City Solicitor John Curp) said the city chose to move early Friday because of growing concern about sanitation and safety. He said city workers removed tarps, pillows, mattresses, food, bottles and other material that filled two small dump trucks.

“When we went through there, it was disgusting,” Curp said.

According to the headline of the article, though not mentioned in the article, the city needed two dumpsters to clean up the remains of the leftists who always say they are more environmentally friendly than Conservatives.

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9 Responses to “Occupy Cincinnati: “It Was Disgusting””

  1. ExAFCrewDog says:

    I’d like to nominate this man for mayor of all cities being “occupied!”

  2. Word says:

    And just think. Obama is endorsing this. This is his idea of taking back the White House.

    Crap on your city sidewalks then sleep in it and live in squalor and Dont forget to vote for a democrat.

    We encourage you to live in filth squalor.

    This is Definitely HOPE and CHANGE we can believe in.

    Right on Obama…….and the MSM shouted AAAAMMMMEEEENNNNNN! Praise Obama.

  3. Word says:

    On a more frightening note. I have noticed of late that ABC news is starting to timidly at least, take Obama to task.

    Today they were talking about jobs and the other day they were taking him to task on another green jobs boondoggle sending jobs to Finland.

    If they keep that up I might encourage people to watch the Disney Channel again.

    I just want the truth…….good or bad….Democrat or Republican. The truth is what the MSM should be about…….

    Tell the truth you will earn back respect you have long since lost.

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  5. adam blonde says:

    Too bad none of this is true. I don’t support the ouccupation, but the mess was no worse than after Octoberfest. And they weren’t given the opportunity to clean up.

  6. Black Flag says:

    @Adam Blonde – it’s true. And the OWS slobs should have been cleaning as they went. But it’s always about them – everyone else is at fault. Typical ‘I’m not going to work – I’m owed’ OWS mentality. Too bad we have the videos and photo evidence to back up all the charges against OWS. And there are is awful lot of evidence now.

  7. TheCincyKid says:

    Keeping it in perspective, Cincy has had 30 arrests – in a city of about 350,000 people. There’s only been 100 – 200 people “Occupying” the park.

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