Enviroweenies Go After Disney World And Disney Land

Remember, in Liberal World, they want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. So, why not start by ruining it for the kiddies?

(Orlando Sentinel) A coalition of California-based environmental groups that have accused Disneyland of exposing theme-park visitors to unsafe levels of lead said Tuesday it suspects a similar risk exists at Walt Disney World in Central Florida.

The charge came the same day the groups planned to ask a court in Los Angeles to grant an injunction that would compel Disneyland to cover dozens of brass knobs, leaded-glass windows and other items that the coalition says contain unsafe levels of lead, or to post public-health warnings.

The organizations, which include the Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation, the Ecological Rights Foundation and the Center for Environmental Health, said research they conducted last year at Disneyland found high levels of lead in items such as the brass knobs atop the stanchions used in ride queues and the hilt of a sword that children attempt to pull from a stone while being photographed by Disneyland employees.

Hmm. Most people go to Disney to have fun. These far left envirowackos go to play with the doorknobs. Why would they do this? Why not? They live to ruin it for everyone else.

Although the groups did not conduct research at Disney World, a representative said it expects it would find similar results in Disney’s East Coast resorts.

Oh, so they have no proof. But, they have no problem defaming Disney World. One would wonder if these envirowackos have anything better to do, but, no, they don’t. This is exactly the kind of thing they do with all the big money donations: make big allegations, sue, get in the public eye, so they can get more donations. But, they never actually do anything themselves.

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3 Responses to “Enviroweenies Go After Disney World And Disney Land”

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  2. Disney is one of the most left wing, health conscious, green companies in the entertainment industry. Several of their hotels are “Green Lodging” certified (which means you can’t get a real shower and the air conditioning will never really cool the room).

    I guess it doesn’t pay to try to pay nice with these guys.

  3. Well, you know what they say “no good deed goes unpunished.”

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