Obama Knew About Fast And Furious Before Holder?

You know things are bad when even CNN wonders if Holder lied. But, we don’t want Holder to resign: we want him in front of Congress testifying.

(Via Jammie Wearing Fool)

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2 Responses to “Obama Knew About Fast And Furious Before Holder?”

  1. Word says:

    As long as you have a communist MSM willing to die for Obama and Rape young children if they are republicans then the truth will be ever elusive.

    The MSM is a joke. A bonafide joke. It is what kept America moving forward, politicians afraid…….but today the POLS just laugh at the people and the law as they know the MSM will defend them against anything they do…….

    SPIN…lies and distortions are the norm for America today……

    and the MAIN STREAM MEDIA…….shouted AMEN!!!! praise Obama.

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