Who Knew That Porta Potties Are A Basic Human Right?

Entitlement mentality (CBS New York)

“There’s a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have to clean up if the city provided basic human rights, like a Port-A-Potty,” said demonstrator Gene Wagner. “If you would’ve given us a Port-A-Potty 30 days ago, we would’ve maintained it ourselves.”

Or, you could have paid to rent one, like everyone else who has a big gathering tends to do. They had them at 8/28 and Tea Party rallies I’ve been too. They had them for a simple two hour one in downtown Raleigh.

The above story also seems to be saying that there will be no more tents, tarps, sleeping bags, sleeping on the ground and other things that interfere with the rights of others to use the privately owned park.

(Via The Jawa Report)

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5 Responses to “Who Knew That Porta Potties Are A Basic Human Right?”

  1. So, have they all been “holding it” in Camp Stinky? Yuck.

    (“Now THIS is news” – Christmas Story)

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. If only they were. They are letting go like animals in the wild.

  3. Adobe Walls says:

    In one of the videos I saw some plastic tubs labeled compost. I’m not sure I want to know what their idea of “maintaining” would be.

  4. Maggie Mama says:

    Well, the early morning news is now announcing the officials have backed down.

    The statement from the protester {“…If you would’ve given us a Port-A-Potty 30 days ago, we would’ve maintained it ourselves.”} demonstrates the complete stupidity of the speaker. First, one Port-a-Potty wouldn’t accomodate a group that size and even two or three would have to be “emptied” on a daily basis.

    They don’t deal in the real world so their comments are really “out there”.

    Maybe they should ask Soros for half a dozen and hot showers, too.

  5. Adobe Walls says:

    For a construction site, one Porta Potty is required for every 10 workers if cleaned once a week or per 20 if cleaned twice a week.

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