New Tone Watch: Brad Miller (D-NC) Says Liberals Should Get Angry

Let’s start with a setup to add context

(WRAL) Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Raleigh and Durham on Sunday to show solidarity with an ongoing protest against corporate greed and social inequality on Wall Street.

So, commies gathered on Sunday? People who aren’t smart enough and aren’t willing to do the hard work to get rich?

Tanya Glover attended the Occupy Raleigh protest at Moore Square Sunday evening. She said she feels like the American people are getting “dumped on” by corporations and Congress.

“The (bank bailout) money went straight back into the pockets of CEOs and corporations,” she said. “We work harder, we get taxed more. The corporations give money to the politicians and the politicians are serving the corporations. The corporations are not people.”

Surprisingly, Ms. Glover has a point. And it’s not just corporations, but some people with a ton of cash (cough George Soros cough). But, is it really the fault of the corporations? Or, is it the fault of elected officials who say they are against this type of scratch my back I’ll scratch yours (bribery), then turn around and do what they say they’re against (Democrats)? Perhaps Ms. Glover and the rest of the far left protesters should get upset about elected officials giving sweetheart deals to big campaign donors, wasting hundreds of billions of their hard earned money. Obama and Solyndra comes to mind.

And perhaps she and the other lefties should worry about the influence of the Big Labor Unions, who get the same type of back scratching. Brad Miller is a big recipient of union money. Speaking of Brad Miller

Rep. Brad Miller, a Democrat who represents the state’s 13th District, which includes Raleigh, came to listen to protesters’ concerns. He said it’s a question of injustice.

“The people who caused the financial crisis (and) the painful recession that we’ve been through seem to have gotten off scot-free,” Miller said. “The people who did suffer were really without blame, and that offends people.”

And, we get

Miller said he thinks people’s anger can be fueled to affect policy decisions.

Maybe we need to start with the anger and then develop the proposals based on that,” he said. “I think if you ask people here, they would say, ‘Yeah, banks ought not be as big as they are.’ There are legislative proposals – I introduced one in the House that went nowhere – but if there was a movement behind it, pushing it, it would make a big difference.”

So, if this movement on….well, something….grows, it’ll be just like the TEA Party, because we all know that the TEA Party is simply about getting angry! Oh, wait, it’s not. This #OccupyWallStreet/Day Of Rage movement is, at its core, about Lefties wanting to take from That Guy and give to themselves. It’s about class warfare and, quite frankly, envy of people who have succeeded. It’s about unshowered people wearing dirty (and weird) clothes stinking up the joint, banging on drums, making incoherent demands, getting arrested, and leaving the protest area a complete mess. See? Just like the TEA Party…

Anger is not a problem in Liberal World: they have plenty of it. Perhaps they should work on calm, rational, adult thought, instead. And put on some clean non-weirdo clothes and take a shower.

Doug Mataconis has a great article on the incoherence of the lefty movement.

And just so you take the protesting Lefties seriously

Protesters speaking out against corporate greed and other issues in New York City are dressing as corporate zombies and greeting Wall Street workers as they head into the office.

Patrick Bruner, a spokesman for the group, says Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are being urged to dress in business wear with white faces and blood, and will march while eating monopoly money. He says financial workers should see them “reflecting the metaphor of their actions.”

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3 Responses to “New Tone Watch: Brad Miller (D-NC) Says Liberals Should Get Angry”

  1. Word says:

    Caught a glimpse of Chris Mathews show last night after the football game was over and failed to turn the channel and the round table discussion was…….

    “Obama looks better as the angry candidate”

    Remember this is the same Chris Mathews who wrote the famous Jimmy Carter “Malaise speech” and encouraged Carter to turn against his own classical liberal base who did not fall lockstep in love with his progressive agenda.

    Obama is doing the same thing…….America is at fault for being “soft” and he is constantly telling us to tell the legislature to VOTE for HIS BS IDEAS.

    Its freakin IDENTICAL to CARTER……THIS is scary….its like 1977 all over again.

    Economy in a shambles, Iran causing problems, the President telling us were all pekkerheads and to stop complaining and not be so soft and……….

    Wow……talk about Deja Vu all over again.

  2. mojo says:

    Zombies. huh?

    Any entrepreneurs in the area selling cricket bats, by any chance?

  3. William says:

    Looks like you guys caught on to the Occupy Movement. This is your new leftist Tea Party with brains. Okay Conservatives, the Tea Party is over, now put away the Tea Set!

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