The Terrorists Hate Us Because Of Climate Change (Hoax)

If only we had stopped using all fossil fuels and switched to donkey power post 9/11, the Islamic terrorists would love us, says the NY Times

… Famine, hunger, poverty and economic failure have increased beyond measure, at least in this corner of the world, where the Sept. 11 plans were hatched, while climate change has set off enormous floods and drought brings untold misery to millions in unexpected places. The latter is not the fault of Sept. 11, but in the minds of many the catastrophes we face stem from America’s wars and the diversion of America’s attention from truly universal problems. In this, America, too, is a victim of its wars and the global changes it has not addressed.

Does idiocy like that actually deserve an adult, rational, well thought out response,  or should I simply say they are fucking nutbags?

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3 Responses to “The Terrorists Hate Us Because Of Climate Change (Hoax)”

  1. The Quadfather says:

    F*cking Nutbags works for me.

  2. The Watcher says:

    Boy, the NYT’s medical plan must really stink – those are some awful drugs those folks are on, I tell ya.

  3. Trish says:

    The latter. No point in even messin around with these, nutbags.

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