Gays Push For More Military Rights

Remember when we were told that all GLBT’s wanted was to serve openly? Yeah, looks more like there were some ulterior motives

With the official end of the U.S. military’s ban two weeks away, gay-rights activists are pressing the Pentagon for more than just the right to serve openly. (Snip)

In addition, the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, which led a long fight in Washington to repeal the ban, has written to Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta urging him to extend military housing and other benefits to the same-sex spouses of personnel.

“Provisions in the Defense of Marriage Act and other laws prohibit the Department of Defense from extending certain benefits, such as housing and transportation allowances, to same-sex partners,” said Pentagon spokesman George Little.

The military has no plans to recognize gay marriage, as there is that pesky federal law, signed by William Clinton. You can see where they’re going, right? A complete overturn of DOMA and other federal laws, and replace them with protectionist laws.

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4 Responses to “Gays Push For More Military Rights”

  1. david7134 says:

    You mean a group of people that feel they need special attention at every level is going to cause troulbe? I would have never believed such a thing. We should endorse the gays in the military, but do so in the manner that was typical for the Greeks. They accepted homosexuality but knew how to use it to the best advantage, they would have partners tied themselves together to fight. It seems they would fight harder to protect their lover.

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  3. captainfish says:

    it has never been about equal treatment. Like hate crime laws, it is all about getting special treatment.

    Like has been said, Everyone is equal. Just, some are more equal than others.

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