Vermont Enviro’s Love Wind Power, Just Not In Vermont

Here we go again, another enviro group which loves “green” energy, but doesn’t want it where they can see it (via Master Resource)

Editor’s note: This op-ed is by Annette Smith, executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment.

It is not too late for Vermont to stop and take a serious look at wind turbine development on our mountains.

In fact, now is exactly the right time to step back and evaluate what we know, and build on experience.

When polled, most Vermonters say they support wind energy. Imagining the Searsburg turbines, I answered “yes, even near my house.” They are only 197 feet tall, unlighted, not too many, not very visible. I thought they were beautiful when I saw them in 2001.

When Vermonters started calling VCE in 2009 seeking assistance with wind proposals, I quickly learned the technology has changed.

Today’s machines are “big. They’re very, very big,“ said Jeff Wennberg, while promoting the Ira project. Vermont’s Public Service Board (PSB) has approved four projects with turbines ranging from 410 to 459 feet tall. Vermonters have not been asked what they think about anything that big.

So, you’re no longer for them, Annette? In fact, she tells us that wind turbines

a) collapse, catch fire, throw ice, throw blades,
b) kill birds like raptors, and endangered bats
c) require cutting bear-scarred beech trees and fragmenting wildlife habitat
d) destroy songbird habitat
e) require hundreds of thousands of pounds of explosives to blast miles of new roads
f) require impervious road construction on highly erodible soils
g) require filling headwater streams and degrading water quality, resulting in fewer fish
h) make noise extending over a mile that can interrupt sleep and make people sick
i) are being permitted less than 200 feet from property lines
j) have blinking lights and industrialize the landscape
k) divide communities; turn neighbors, family members and towns against each other and more, with issues unique to ridgeline development in Vermont.

Annette goes on to tell us “the prudent thing to do is stop, look and listen.” And she has plenty of questions about building wind turbines, especially in HER state. The greenie weenies always advocate for this type of energy, but, as soon as someone actually wants to build it…..

Master Resource points out that much of the turbines are toxic, use rare earths, must have huge concrete plugs, and require deforestation. Oh, and

Expect a short (12 to 15 year) life span for the turbines, not the 25 years the industry purports. Imagine when the subsidies dry up how the turbines will be left to rot in the sun, still a hazard for birds and bats.

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8 Responses to “Vermont Enviro’s Love Wind Power, Just Not In Vermont”

  1. proof says:

    Teddy Kennedy was a champion for wind power, too, just so long as he couldn’t see them from his house!

  2. proof says:

    Remind me, how do you spell “NIMBY”?

  3. david7134 says:

    Remind her about the birds and other environmentaly aspects of so called “clean energy”. Then what are they going to do with the batteries? The lead and other toxins?

  4. Well, you know that green is awesome!!!!!1!!!as long as it’s somewhere else.

  5. captainfish says:

    Funny this. I wonder how they thought all this would happen?

    You know what else is funny?!? I wonder if any Environmental Impact Statement has been done at any of these construction sites?!?

  6. I bet they shorted the EISs because everyone knows that wind turbines are environmentally friendly. On paper.

  7. captainfish says:

    On paper.

    Well, isn’t that where it only matters?!?

  8. ruralcounsel says:

    It’s never been about windpower, it’s been about profitability and scale. The NIMBY Vermonters have this gut-feel aversion to anything that someone could get a positive ROI from. It’s a capitalism allergy. Everything else is just excuses.

    Somehow they think people have a “right” to electric power, and somehow it should just show up at their household meter. But it has to be done in the most self-contradictory way as possible.

    And what better way to do this than use the power of government; full of confused feckless pols with no economic literacy, and easily comandeered by ignorant voters. No better way to get someone else to pay for your electricity! It’s why they think government should be the sole determinor of how power is generated. How else to get it socialized?

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