Obama Plans To Continue His “Patriotism” Calls During Boring Joint Session Speech

Hey, if Obama can pre-questioning the patriotism of Republicans for not passing a plan that he hasn’t even introduced yet, I can pre-call the campaign speech boring. As John Podhoretz points out, Obama will continue his despicable “country before party” nonsense

News reports suggest that on Thursday night, the president will tell Republicans in the House and Senate that they should put “country before party” and endorse his proposals for job creation. The “country before party” line has become Obama’s new theme in the wake of the debt crisis, and the passion with which he invokes it indicates it’s something he actually and truly believes in.

And it’s utter nonsense. Offensive nonsense too. Obama isn’t truly asking Republicans to put country before party. He is asking them to elevate the interests and ideas of the Democratic party higher than their own ideas, their sense of what is best for the nation, and their deeply held convictions about the moral hazard posed by a too-large government and a populace too reliant on it. They won’t do it, and they shouldn’t, and the next time liberals complain that conservatives unfairly impugn their patriotism, Obama’s effort to do just that with his loyal ideological opposition should be thrown in their face.

I’ve covered Obama’s hyper-partisan calls to put country above party several times as he used them during several weekly radio addresses. This is why you may see me refer to him as NMP (not my president) Obama: he is a partisan hack who acts as the head of the Democratic National Committee, not the President of the United States of America.

USA Today informs us of the same thing, saying that Obama’s Labor Day speech was a preview of his Big Speech

President Obama used Labor Day to offer a preview of his big jobs speech later this week, challenging congressional Republicans today to support items that have received bipartisan support in the past.

“We’re going to see if we’ve got some straight shooters in Congress,” Obama told a friendly crowd at a labor picnic on Detroit’s waterfront. “We’re going to see if congressional Republicans will put country before party.”

“Show us what you got,” Obama said at another point, referring to Republicans.

How about showing us “what you got”, Mr. Obama? He’s questioning Republican’s patriotism to pass a plan that he hasn’t even released, and, let’s not forget, the expectations for said plan have been drastically lowered, and we are told that he will release the details over the next few months. So, I guess we have to pass it to find out what’s in it? Just more leading from behind the golf course. Let’s not forget that he sent an email blast sent on the 31st, he told Congress to pass a jobs plan that he hadn’t even offered yet, because he is “frustrated.” This is like Obama whining at Congress for not passing his trade agreements, despite failing to actually send them to Congress.

We can expect his speech to be boring and long winded, with lots of calls for “bipartisanship” immediately preceding smears aimed at the GOP. The usual. It’ll be short on actual details, simply a regurgitation of taxing those evil rich, spending more money on fixing potholes already fixed, re-painting bridges, and building turtle tunnels. Green (#fail) jobs. Temporary payroll tax breaks (which have already been shown to not work). More spending. Patent reform. Windmills…..windmills are a good visual example for this administration. They’re expensive. They make a lot of noise. You can see them from far away. But, they provide little benefit for their cost, and tend to freeze up at the most inopportune time. Plus, that whole imaginary enemy thing.

But, don’t expect him to actually provide anything concrete on paper.

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10 Responses to “Obama Plans To Continue His “Patriotism” Calls During Boring Joint Session Speech”

  1. Trish says:

    Blah, blah blah…I’d rather stick a needle in my eye than listen to him anymore.
    My husband was at his fantasy football draft yesterday when the lady of the house stuck her head into the room and said, “Obama’s speaking now”. Without looking up from what he was doing, one of the guys muttered under his breath “you’re kidding right”. She came back in and asked, “did you say something” and he looked right at her and said? “You’re kidding, right???”
    That ought to be an option on cable when the president is speaking…press 2 for “you’re kidding right?”

  2. Heh heh. Steven Goddard posted a picture of sleeping puppies in relation to The One’s coming narcolepsy session. Fortunately, there will be plenty of Packers/Saints pre-game shows.

  3. Trish says:

    Are ya ready for some football??? Yessirreee!

  4. You betcha! I managed to finagle Sunday off, as I wanted the last weekend of the month off, couldn’t get it.

  5. Trish says:

    Well good for you teach! It’s the only reward we get for losing summer in my estimation!

  6. gitarcarver says:

    I watched a part of the Obama speech and had to turn it off before I literally threw something at his image.

    When he started talking about the promises he had made when he was campaigning, I thought “the campaign is over, moron. You won. Now LEAD.”

    But he cannot do that. It just isn’t in him. He is perfectly happy to take offense at everything that is said about him or take offense at those who simply disagree with him. He then makes repeated calls for civility while advocating more partisan rhetoric and not condemning anything that is from his supporters.

    Warren Harding once exhibited his “brilliance” by saying “when people are out of work, unemployment results.”

    Harding was a genius compared to Obama.

  7. captainfish says:

    USA Today informs us of the same thing, saying that Obama’s Labor Day speech was a preview of his Big Speech

    So, there will be more of personal adhominem attacks, more cursing, more direct party attacks, more political isolation, more political tyranny, ….

    Yep, more of the same.

  8. Adobe Walls says:

    When President Zero starts flinging excrement the Republicans should stand and turn their backs to him.

    Here are the post speech headlines from the right and the left. Is that it? Is that all you got?

    As soon as possible after the speech Boehner should have the CBO score the transcript.

  9. captainfish says:

    Remember, this is the same president who promised to cut the deficit and to control spending. Remember that when he makes this speech. Let’s start a pool…

    I’m betting the cost of the speech will be about $2.5 billion in extra spending.

  10. Trish says:

    If he listens to Maxine Waters, it will be more than a trillion!!!!! Those libs are SOOOOO smart…

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