Excitable Chucky Finally Gives Up All Pretense Of Being Anti-Jihad

Yeah, I’ve mostly ignored Charles Johnson for quite some time, as have most. Hell, even the ultra left wing cranks in the blogosphere do not bother with him. But, he’s whining about being lumped in with other bloggers in the screed of the Oslo killer, and we end up with

I’ve had nothing to do with the “anti-Islam” blogosphere for years — in fact, they absolutely hate my guts.

That could be because you became completely unhinged and threw away everything that Little Green Footballs stood for and dealt with, along with all the people who were traveling the same roads, and went bat-fucking shit insane.

I never “apologized” for calling out these bigots and neo-fascists, and I never will.

You know who are bigots and neo-fascists? Those who have a problem with Islamists. In the past, he would have immediately thought that the Oslo killer was an Islamist, now he goes nuts when people’s first thoughts are that it was an Islamist. CAIR must love you, Chuck.

The Diary Of Daedalus has more on Chucky from the memory hole.

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2 Responses to “Excitable Chucky Finally Gives Up All Pretense Of Being Anti-Jihad”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Not for nuttin’….. but I think there is an issue with the lgf link in the first paragraph.

    Just saying. 🙂

  2. Hmm, ill have to check it. For morons like Chucky I use a script that gives Basilsblog.net the link, bit directs to the proper website. I guess Basil may have done away with it. This was for when incoming links really mattered for rankings.

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