Heh! Boehner Compares Obama To Jello

Unfortunately, he stopped at 50% loading, and didn’t mention that Obama has no spine

In a meeting with a small group of reporters in his Capitol Hill office this morning, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, criticized President Obama and White House officials for their lack of resolve in negotiations.

“Dealing with them the last couple months has been like dealing with Jell-o,” Boehner said. “Some days it’s firmer than others. Sometimes it’s like they’ve left it out over night.”

Boehner explained that talks broke down over the weekend because, he said, the president backed off entitlement reforms so much from Friday to Saturday, “It was Jell-o; it was damn near liquid.”

“By Saturday, they’d spent the previous day and a half just going backwards” on reforming entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

“The only thing they’ve been firm on is these damn tax increases,” the Speaker said.

That’s all Obama and the Dems care about: new/higher revenue streams to keep expanding government. They really do not give a crap if the country goes down the tubes, they just want to spend more money. The whole “$1 in tax increases for $3 in cuts” is a bunch of mule fritters: give them the increases now, they will never vote for the cuts later. Boehner and company should make Obama and the Dems give specific cuts plans right now.


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  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    obama is an insult to Jello.

  2. Black Flag says:


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