Michelle Bachmann Asked By Chris Wallace “Are You A Flake?”

I’m a little late to this party, and, we might be able to excuse any reporter from asking a really stupid question once in a while, but, come on, Chris, you or someone on your staff should have said “hey, will this be really dumb to ask?” The big Memeorandum pull is from the Huffington Post, but, let’s check the Fox News story

Calling her a “flake” would be “insulting,” Rep. Michele Bachmann said Sunday when asked whether the “rap” on her in Washington is accurate.

The question on “Fox News Sunday” arose in response to Bachmann uttering a couple of remarks that some have suggested are “gaffes,” including talking about anti-America members of Congress and suggesting that NATO airstrikes had killed up to 30,000 civilians.

“Well, I think that would be insulting, to say something like that, because I’m a serious person,” Bachmann, R-Minn., said in response to the question, “Are you a flake?”

Politicians make gaffes. They will say stupid things because, let’s face it, no matter how smart they are, no matter how smooth and polished, they are….politicians. Ed Morrissey points out that Wallace never asked Obama the same question, despite all the foolish things Obama has said and done (Ed forgot the one about giving the Queen an iPod with Obama’s greatest hits. Now, that is flaky. And narcissistic). Never came close during either of the two interviews Wallace did with Obama.

Perhaps Chris was attempting to give Bachman a way to answer the liberal talking points that she is a kook and a flake and crazy. Not the smartest way to do it, Chris. Imagine if he had asked a female Democrat that question: the outrage from the feministas would be amazing. Let’s see if he tries the same thing with, say, Ron Paul. “Hey, Ron, are you a crank?”

Legal Insurrection calls this the Palinization fo Bachmann.

Don Surber says kudos to Taylor Marsh for standing up for Bachmann. But…….

American Power calls it shameful.

And save us from wishy washy Republican squishes. As expected, Doug Mataconis at Liberals Outside the Beltway sees nothing wrong with the question, because in Squish World, she is a flake. Of course, it’s never about her policies, just about her, like the way LOTB treats most Conservatives who have actual conservative leanings.

Chris responds to some of the emails. Unfortunately, the video won’t load at the moment, since the site is probably getting massive web hits.

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5 Responses to “Michelle Bachmann Asked By Chris Wallace “Are You A Flake?””

  1. david7134 says:

    My problem with Bachmann is that she is pulling the religious card. That might be a good strategy in a normal election, but right now we are in trouble. Our economy is falling apart and this is one of the most important elections in the history of the US. Thus she should be concentrating on the important main issues and know that he religious crowd has no one else to vote for. As a female, she is going to have to be stronger than the men.

  2. Some excellent points, David. That said, for the primaries, looking for the religious right vote is not a bad thing, especially since no one else is playing to them. But, she does talk quite a bit about the other stuff.

    I can really see it ending up with Romney as the pres pick, and him picking Bachmann for his VP. Would bring in tons of people.

  3. captainfish says:

    I’m sorry… every politician brings up religion whether they are or not. Obama did as well and we all know that he is far from religious. Possibly even anti-christian.

    OMG, I pray it is not Romney. I could not stand another RINO.

    How about Cain/Bachman?

  4. Word says:

    Bachmann said that she has been married 33 years, is a lawyer, has a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law, worked in the U.S. federal tax court, has five children, raised 23 foster children and opened a charter school for at-risk youth.

    Liberal/Progressives talk the talk but when it comes to people like Palin and Bachman who walk the walk in caring for and working with those very people the left pretends always to help……..

    Why then they are lairs, flakes and should die.

    They are threats and their very existence reveals them for what they really are…..HYPOCRITS.

    And that is MY word of the day.

  5. viva la nature says:

    She is not “pulling the religious card,” as that would be to use religioun in order to gain an advantage (as in “using the race card.”)

    Instead, she speaks honestly about her religion rather than lying about it or dancing around it.

    Anyway, that’s IMHO>

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