RoP Threatens Sila Sahin After Posing In Playboy

I hope she’s taking this seriously

Sila Sahin PlayboyThe nude pictures of a Muslim actress in the German May 2011 issue of Playboy are stirring up outrage in the Muslim community.

Sila Sahin, a 25-year-old Turkish German living in Berlin, has been branded a ‘whore’ and a ‘western slut’ after appearing topless on the cover of the men’s magazine.

Islamic fanatics have posted threatening Internet messages against her for ‘shaming Muslim womanhood’ and ‘prostituting herself for money’, reports the Sun.

“She needs to be very careful…” Another simply said: “She must pay,” said a poster on the Jihad Watch website.

When they say be careful and she must pay, those aren’t idle school yard threats. The Sun has more, including that “Islamic internet sites are being monitored by the BND – the German intelligence agency”

A kebab shop owner, asked on German TV what he would do if Sila were his daughter, replied: “I would kill her. I really mean that. That doesn’t fit with my culture.” (snip)

One police intelligence officer said of Sila: “I think what she did was either very brave, or very stupid.She will be double-locking her door at night for a long time to come.”

Wouldn’t surprise me if she was found beaten or dead sometime soon. That’s what you get when dealing with the Religion Of Peace.


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One Response to “RoP Threatens Sila Sahin After Posing In Playboy”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    I know that this goes beyond the point of your post, but I think it is relevant as to the (lack of) education of the woman.

    According to multiple sources, in the article accompanying the photoshoot, Sahin said:

    “I have always abided by what men say. As a result I developed an extreme desire for freedom. I feel like Che Guevara. I have to do everything I want, otherwise I feel like I may as well be dead.”

    This is a “Princess Bride” moment.

    “Che Guevara?” “Freedom?”

    I dunna tink that word means wat you tink it means.

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