Good Thing Obama’s Stopping That Humanitarian Crisis In Libya

Remember when Obama gave a speech about “a looming humanitarian crisis” and that “he refused to let that happen”? And about “America’s leadership” (right after talking about abdicating control to NATO)? How’s that working out?

MISURATA, Libya — For the 500,000 residents of this once-prosperous port city, there is nowhere to run.

The city is surrounded by forces loyal to Moammar Gaddafi. His snipers lurk on rooftops and peer from open windows. Entire neighborhoods are off-limits because of indiscriminate artillery and mortar fire. Hospitals are overflowing with the wounded, some of them children.

For residents, it is not just a question of whether to fight, but how long they can survive. After living under siege for nearly two months, many are reaching their breaking point as Gaddafi escalates his attacks and supplies become ever more scarce. Lines for bread and gasoline go on for blocks. Sewage has seeped into the water system. Most of the city is run on generators or has no power. Cellphone service has been cut.

It’s no wonder news from Libya has mostly disappeared, since things are not going well. Gaddafi is still perfectly in power, even after Obama said “he had to go.” The rebels, with Al Qaeda mixed in, are being routed. And the humanitarian crisis this whole no fly zone and “kinetic military operation” was supposed to stop is happening.

The United Nations said Monday that it had forged a deal with Gaddafi’s government to allow humanitarian aid into Misurata. But the agreement was met with skepticism in the city, and it is far from clear that the fighting will pause long enough for the aid to arrive.

Since Obama outsourced control of the Libyan operations, he can attempt to divorce himself from responsibility for all the problems and humanitarian issues. He said “we have a responsibility to act”, but, obviously, Obama feels no responsibility to take the consequences, and as this turns south, he will do just that. But, it won’t be that easy. Since Obama made the speech all about himself (like with all his speeches), it’s his. He owns it. Since he failed to consult Congress, it is all his. How will he tap dance out of it? Well, he probably won’t have to, since the media will take it easy on him. Consider that the above Washington Post article fails to even mention his name.

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