Navy Uses Laser Beams On Shark’s Heads To Combat Pirates

Well, they’re hoping lasers will work, unfortunately, not located on shark’s heads

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A ship-based laser tested by the Navy’s research arm could put the heat on Somali pirates.

The Navy for the first time last week successfully tested a solid-state high-energy laser from a ship. The beam, which was aimed at a boat moving through turbulent Pacific Ocean waters, set the target’s engine on fire.

The Office of Naval Research says the laser traveled over “miles, not yards.” For now, the test is a proof of concept, and it’s not yet known when it might be deployed as a weapon.

They should point the laser on full at the pirates themselves.

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One Response to “Navy Uses Laser Beams On Shark’s Heads To Combat Pirates”

  1. captainfish says:

    Exactly right Teach. Point the lasers at the pirates. Because, it took way too long to set the engine on fire… the one engine while leaving the other useful.. so, the boat could have gotten away and out of range even before the laser set the first engine on fire.

    I love the idea, but needs more power. Blow that thing up within a few seconds. Heck, shoot the fuel tank!!! Is it directional enough to can focus and keep aim on moving weapons to make them explode?

    As Tim says… NEEDS MORE POWER!! MWwauahahhaa

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