Breaking: Obama 2012 Campaign Poster!

I’ve gotten a hold of the official Obama 2012 posters, set for release in June

Obama 2012 Fore More Years!

Idea via The Dark Knight.

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3 Responses to “Breaking: Obama 2012 Campaign Poster!”

  1. Doomed says:

    Our current president ran on ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY.

    He has provided nothing and the left Alinskies the treatment of his lack of transparency by calling us racists.

    There is a question….Bush provided 100′s of pages of National Guard documents when their was a question that he did NOT fulfill his Guard duties…..

    There is a question that Obama is not born in the USA and he provides almost nothing….A certificate of live birth that may or may not belong to the real Barak Obama.

    Its not the same as a birth certificate.

    We have asked for his college papers? NOTHING.

    The Radical Bill Ayers admits on tape that HE WROTE Barak Obama’s books…..yet Obama claims they hardly know each other.

    Transparency? I think not….He is a groomed, prepared PUPPET put in place by George Soros and company and its time for answers.

  2. Rob in Katy says:

    Uhh, because I can’t afford to fly to all these cool golf courses on my own… and if Michelle can break the bank of the USA, I hate to see what she can do to my own account, just saying.

  3. Granny Jan says:

    Here’s my Obama poster I made a while back after I saw someone use the word “fore” more years. I usually use the poster to keep track of his golf rounds now at 62.

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