Say, How’d Obama’s Libya Speech Work Out? #Fail

It went so poorly that even Talking Points Memo notices and discusses

According to a Pew poll released Tuesday, 57% of Americans don’t think the U.S. has a clear plan in Libya, a seven-point rise since last week, and one that comes after President Obama addressed the country to lay out the nation’s involvement and goals there.

Additionally, only 30% of adult Americans said the U.S. has a clear goal with the campaign in Libya.

Last Monday — two weeks after American and allied forces began launching airstrikes on Muammar Qaddafi’s military installations — Obama delivered a prime time address to the nation laying out his reasons for joining the mission, and detailing what America’s involvement would be going forward.

The poll also found that a bare 50% majority now think the U.S. did the right thing by intervening in Libya, while 37% think it was wrong to intervene.

Think about that: it took Obama over a week to figure out what to say about his Big Libyan Bombing Adventure, and after that, even fewer people think Obama has a clear plan. The survey was held March 30-April 3, and had a breakdown of 395 Republicans, 470 Democrats, and 561 Independents, so, even Democrats think Champ is failing.

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