AGW Today: Arctic Chilling, So Is Antarctic. Latter Blamed On….AGW

How are those computer models working out?

The Arctic shows no signs of warming, according to the latest data from the Danish Meteorological Institute’s Centre for Ocean and Ice. Last month, in fact, virtually every single day saw temperatures below the mean experienced over the last half-century. The Danish data – taken daily – casts doubt on climate models that had predicted a steady warming of the Arctic. Earlier this year, Arctic temperatures had been warming, giving hope to those who back the global warming hypothesis that their long expected Arctic warming had begun.

The Danish institute has tracked mean temperatures above the 80th northern parallel since 1958. For a graph of how June 2010 compares, click here.

Oops. How about the Antarctic? (via Tom Nelson, who provides the highlighting)

At the end of June, Southern Hemisphere mid-winter, the sea ice surrounding Antarctica was more than two standard deviations greater than normal. On June 30, Antarctic sea ice extent was15.88 million square kilometers (6.13 million square miles), compared to the 1979 to 2000 average of 14.64 million square kilometers (5.65 million square miles) for that day.

Moreover, rising levels of greenhouse gases and the loss of stratospheric ozone appear to be affecting wind patterns around Antarctica. Shifts in this circulation are referred to as the Antarctic Oscillation (AAO). As greenhouse gases have increased, and especially when ozone is lost in spring, there is a tendency for these winds to strengthen (a positive AAO index). The net effect is to push sea ice eastward, and northward, increasing the ice extent.

You know you are dealing with a pseudo-religionwhen everything supports their beliefs.

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6 Responses to “AGW Today: Arctic Chilling, So Is Antarctic. Latter Blamed On….AGW”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach the earth is warming and yes the Arctic is also warming The Arctic Ice Extent is the LOWEST on record as of June 6th—faster-and-further/
    Teach what percentage of the Arctic lies above 80 degrees North ? I’ll give you a hint do you think it is more or less than 10% ???
    Also Teach if you had bothred to read Solomon’s SOURCE MATERIAL you would have seen that the Denmark Center for Ocean and Ice also believes that the Arctic is warming.
    And please remeber how shocked you were when you found out that as it becomes WARMER it actually snows MORE in the Antarctic ( remember where the driest desert is )
    And yes Teach it is true so far 2010 has been the WARMEST YEAR ON RECORD
    9/11 Denied
    Climate change denied
    Obama’s birth certificate denied
    Holocaust denied
    Some people just can’t accept the same reality as others

  2. John Ryan says:

    Here is a simple easy to read report card for the Arctic from NOAA It is getting warmer and FAST in the Arctic

  3. Otter says:

    Poor ‘lil LIAR. s(he) just can’t win.

  4. Trish says:

    so right Otter- this gual, is full of himself, and keeps giving us old reports made by people who believ in AGW. They have no proof of man made anything, only of temps changing up or down, which is reality over thousands of years, unhindered OR abetted.

  5. What the hell is the “Holocaust denied” crap supposed to mean, John? First of all, no one here, including myself, has stated that the Holocaust never occurred. Matter of fact, it is typically the folks on your side who support Iran, which has denied that the Holocaust ever happened. Furthermore, it is your side that typically wants to do away with Israel.

    Second of all, you might want to watch where you go with that line of thought with me. I’m trying not to be too harsh, because I reveal little of my personal life, so, you would not know this, but, my grandparents on my Mothers side just escaped from Germany in 1939, when things were getting dicey. And, yes, they were Jews.

  6. Otter says:

    Geez, Teach. You just gave ‘lil LIAR even more reason to hate you. Now when he brings the FALSE Petraeus meme ‘it’s the JOOOOOOOOOZ! fault,’ it will be aimed directly at you. 😉

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