Yup, Sullivan Is Still Bat Guano Crazy Over Trig

One might think that this particular obsession might have ended, or, perhaps one of the adults at The Atlantic (I ended up there following a link to another frickin’ whiner, read, Liberal) might have put a stop to it, but, alas, still bat shit crazy (and this was not the first in the past couple days): Why Does Trig Matter, Ctd?

The first weekend of the contretemps, I emailed a top DC journalist to ask him what he thought about the story. His fundamental response – and one echoed in many Washington circles – was that it might well be true but he wondered “how this gets into the MSM.”

Well, it is beginning to seep into the MSM, as with this story from The Week. The comments section seems evenly divided and are worth reading. Palingates has more on the slowly creaking dam of cognitive dissonance:

The Week is the MSM? I’m pretty deep into ye olde Internet, but, I have never heard of them before. How about you? (PS: apparently, Sully didn’t bother to read the comments at that link)

You know the MSM is more interested in preserving their reputations on the far right than in seeking the truth. So it’s up to the blogs of regular people to keep these people accountable. All anyone is asking for is documentation and we can all move on. All I have ever asked for is for Palin to prove I am a fool for even asking.

Uh, no, Sully, the MSM is rarely interested in taking on a story that will completely destroy their credibility. Heck, Dan Rather had better luck passing his fake story. As for “all anyone is asking,” it’s basically you and some others who should actually be in a nut house. Plus, Palin and her uterus do not have to prove anything to you, wackjob.

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3 Responses to “Yup, Sullivan Is Still Bat Guano Crazy Over Trig”

  1. Larry Sheldon says:

    Who [bleep] cares what Andi Sullivan has done or not done.

    If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything.

    I will not leave blogs on my must-read list that think the latest poop from [bleep]for brains.

  2. John Ryan says:

    yup Teach is still bat shit crazy of Andy

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