Attackerman Proves That Lefties Are Complete Wooses On Terrorism

Perfect example for why lefties are considered weak on terrorism, along with some “blame America” thrown in

The Taliban’s military commander has been captured in a joint Pakistani-U.S. intelligence raid. A high-five to Langley: this is one serious motherfucking success. Now it’s really important we don’t screw it all up by abusing Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

Apparently Baradar has been in custody since last week and is being interrogated by both the Paks and us. (This is why the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group exists.) The ultimate point of fighting the Taliban is to compel them to give up fighting and accept some version of a post-Taliban order in Afghanistan. Torturing Baradar — which the Pakistanis have been known to do — is counterproductive to that effort. If we treat the guy respectfully, in a demonstrated way, it might spur a reconsideration of Taliban goals.

Seriously? Maybe if we sing a couple bars of Kumbaya, and give him a Coke, everything will be all lovey dovey. Or, conversely, and realistically, the Taliban and other Islamic extremists will consider the U.S. weak, much as Bin Laden did when he called us a “paper tiger.” Perhaps Mr. Divorced From Reality Attackerman could peruse “taliban execution.”

These types of weenies on the left even think sleep deprivation and loud music is torture, so, I guess we are supposed to say pretty please with opium on top. Meanwhile, you have to check out some of the comments at the site. They are pretty much exactly what one would expect from unhinged lefties (yes, I know, oxymoron). One doozie below the fold

Ah yes. The US military under the disguise of “global NATO forces” captures yet another “leader” to justify the killing of little children. When did anyone justify the Afghanistan invasion as being at war with the Taliban? This shit has to stop. It’s disgusting. They kill, and people make excuse after excuse after excuse. First we were there for all those Al Qaeda (100 or less admitted by government), now we are overthrowing the government, installing puppets, and justifying the killing of small children as getting rid of the evil Taliban. And like Iraq, every other day it will be justified by capturing another “leader”. BS.

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3 Responses to “Attackerman Proves That Lefties Are Complete Wooses On Terrorism”

  1. Dan Collins says:

    Agreed. But I prefer the spelling “wusses.” (Or “wussies”)

  2. mojo says:

    How about we give him back, in several pieces, over the next few weeks?

  3. Last time I spelled it like that, I got all sorts of “you’re a misogynist!” hate mail 🙂

    Pieces would be good, after we wring him for everything he knows.

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