When Obama’s Lost Ted Rall…..

Your evening humor. Obama: Dumber Than Sarah Palin

Thanks to CribNoteGate, we can finally say it out loud: Sarah Palin is stupid. But where does that leave Barack Obama?

Even stupider.

Let’s set aside the fiction that public officials care about the country.

Let’s accept an assumption that everyone else can get behind: Politicians are skilled at looking out for themselves.

By this low standard, Obama is dumber than dumb. We’re not talking Dubya dumb. We’re not even talking Sarahcuda dumb.

We’re talking pulling-off-your-mask-so-the-clerk-of-the-bank-you’re-robbing-can-hear-you dumb.

And it keeps going on and on and on. A delicious read from one of the crazier of the crazies, which includes phrases like “too dim to understand,” “Moron-In-Chief,” “Obama doesn’t have a clue.”

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