Obama Budget Includes Money For Climahysteric Regulation

How the Obama government works: take money from productive people and companies, use it to fund an apparatus of the State to nail people for living well, taking more money from the productive people and companies. Soon, we will all be living like peasants in former Soviet Union

While its overall $10 billion budget sustained a $300 million cut compared to 2010, EPA will request from Congress $43.5 million in new funding for climate regulatory efforts in fiscal 2011 for a total of $56 million.

Overall, the $1.1 billion devoted to EPA’s clean air and global climate change program — one of five funding priorities for the agency — represents about 12 percent of the agency’s budget. Of that, the proposal sets aside $169 million to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Shockingly, companies are concerned that this could seriously affect their business, so they hold off on hiring.

Over the next two years, EPA’s climate team has a lot stuffed onto its plate. On its agenda are plans to catalog major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters for the first time, implement GHG limits for cars and light-duty trucks, write new GHG limits for other mobile sources such as aircraft, finish permitting rules, and give technology guidance for large industrial emitters. On top of that, it may propose new GHG emissions performance standards for some categories of industrial emitters.

In other words, the Environmental Protection Agency will do little to actually protect the environment, and quite a lot to destroy business, employment, and peoples lives, while raising quite a bit of cash for Los Federales. The US Geological Survey is also getting quite a bit of money earmarked for climate alarmism.

Elsewhere, did you know that CO2 is good for trees, and makes them grow faster?

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