On Line Photo Storage And Sharing?

OK, does anyone know of an on-line storage site similar to Photobucket? Paid is fine (I have a paid account with Photobucket now.) What I am looking for is one that allows multiple uploads and the ability to grab the embed code as easily as Photobucket, but, the ability to store whatever I want (not storing p0rn or violent) without some asshole being able to complain and get my photos deleted. I just logged into my account, and a massive number of photos were banned. Why? Sure, some were racy. You’ve seen my photo essays, but, some of those same freaking photos were found ON Photobucket, and are still live elsewhere.

Some that were wacked make fun of Islam. Some make fun of Democrats. Here’s another that has been wacked for a second time

Why wacked? You’ve got me. Some liberal probably figured, and rightly so, that it refers to Democrats.

I’d prefer not to use my Dreamhost account. I’m not worried about bandwith, but, storage can get huge, and it is a pain to get the embed code with Gallery.

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2 Responses to “On Line Photo Storage And Sharing?”

  1. Larry says:

    Imageshack.us or flickr? Search on bing for “Image hosting” or “Photo hosting”.

  2. I’ll check imageshack out. Flickr doesn’t work for the way I do the images for my daily photofests.

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