Here Come New TSA Restrictions, Yet, They Still Miss The #1 Stopper Of Airline Terrorism

Aren’t you thrilled?

In the wake of the terrorism attempt Friday on a Northwest Airlines flight, federal officials on Saturday imposed new restrictions on travelers that could lengthen lines at airports and limit the ability of international passengers to move about an airplane.

The government was vague about the steps it was taking, saying that it wanted the security experience to be “unpredictable” and that passengers would not find the same measures at every airport — a prospect that may upset airlines and travelers alike.

One thing that seems to be unpredictable is the level the metal detectors are set at. Personally, I fly about twice a year, and, I have a stainless steel rod in my leg. Sometimes the detectors go off, and I have to tell the security folks to wand my right leg. Sometimes, not. I walked through once with a lighter in my pocket. Another, metal sunglasses hanging from sweater failed to set the machine off. Makes one wonder what good they do.

But several airlines released detailed information about the restrictions, saying that passengers on international flights coming to the United States will apparently have to remain in their seats for the last hour of a flight without any personal items on their laps. It was not clear how often the rule would affect domestic flights.

Overseas passengers will be restricted to only one carry-on item, and domestic passengers will probably face longer security lines. That was already the case in some airports Saturday, in the United States and overseas.

Yup! That should do it! Great plan. Air Canada and British Airways have announced the above steps.

On its Web site, American Airlines said the T.S.A. had ordered new measures for flights departing from foreign locations to the United States, including mandatory screening of all passengers at airport gates during the boarding process. All carry-on items would be screened at security checkpoints and again at boarding, the airline said. It urged passengers to leave extra time for screening and boarding.

This is a classic case of over-reaction, and we can’t blame the TSA fully for this, even if they were the ones making these recommendations. Re-screening at the gate? Of all passengers? James Joyner calls his post “TSA Making Flying More Miserable.” Not to quibble, but, is it really the TSA, or something else, something known as Liberalism and Political Correctness?

What is the best way to defeat Muslim terrorism, and, yes, Libs, it was Muslim terrorism, on airlines? A very simple word, Profiling. If the people who are going to do funny things on flights tend to be swarthy, Middle Eastern men and men from Muslim countries with Muslim names, then airport security should give them a tougher screening. I’m sorry, Libs, that this may inconvenience them and cause them some embarrassment, however, perhaps Muslims as a whole could stand up and denounce the violence done in the name of their religion. Granny Mable from Wichita with her massive bra with lots of wires is not a threat (except when she smothers you with hugs and the wires poke you in the eye.) A person who may fit the profile as a member of the religion of peace who may have a bomb on his person is a threat.

Liberals and morons in government want to be nice and make sure Muslims do not get mad at us. One would think the duty of the US government was to make sure its own citizens were safe, instead of putting them in harms way because they don’t want to offend Muslims. Offending Granny Mable with a strip search? They have no problem with that, though.

Meanwhile, Steve Marmel at The Huff Post says “Vacations Over, President Neophyte,” and, after mentioning that Barry hit the gym 15 minutes after being notified, then played golf, says this was not quite a My Pet Goat or birthday cake with McCain during hurricane Katrina moment. I agree. What Bush did was to continue interacting with other people, while the business of government continued. Obama went off to do things that benefited Obama.

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4 Responses to “Here Come New TSA Restrictions, Yet, They Still Miss The #1 Stopper Of Airline Terrorism”

  1. Duncan says:

    The biggest problem with profiling is that we can’t just profile people with Muslim sounding names anymore (though I’d still give them some extra scrutiny). The islamotards aren’t all that ‘tarded in that they’ve begun to recruit/convert all of them WASPs now with names like Ben Smith and the such. Its those guys who worry more now, though how to “profile” them I dunno.

    And apparently these explosives were on his person (sew into his underwear I heard), not on his carry-on. Since we don’t frisk people at the gate unless there is something more to give cause to do so, the carry-on restrictions aren’t going to fix a whole lot….

    The only way to make it work is to require the use of that “x-ray” machine that everyone walks through. Yeah, its invasive and breaks into ones “privacy”. I don’t want my junk being put on a screen anymore than anyone else, but it has gotten to that point I am thinking.

  2. Excellent points, Duncan. Probably the best thing to do at airports is to teach the security personal to see what is going on, much like they do with police, and, if they see something hinky, let the security folks follow their instincts. Too often, they are restricted by PC policies.

  3. Dawn says:

    I agree with you, but not sure how profiling would work. Not all radical Islamics have the typical “islamic” features, and some are people who have converted to the religion. (Wasn’t there an American who became a radical Islamic jihadist and went to fight with the Taliban?)

    I do agree that something needs to be done other than this BS security theater. How about armed air marshals? True security screens?
    (BTW I am liberal..not all of us are PC freaks.)

  4. TFMo says:

    Profiling alone will not do it, but it seems that the government is refusing to utilize a very useful and viable tool here. Which is going to be more likely to be a terrorist, a swarthy man decked in robes with a beard down to his navel named Abdul Muhammed Al-Whatever, or a 90 year old caucasian granny from Poughkeepsie? And yet, because of nonsensical political correctness, airline security is forced to waste time searching Granny while Abdul skates past.

    Not all Muslims are terrorists. I’ll even go so far as to say not even MOST are terrorists. But from the looks of things, most terrorists ARE Muslim. To ignore this simple fact is to enter the lion’s den blindfolded, handcuffed, hobbled, and poisoned.

    I’m with Duncan on the X-ray thing; frequent fliers are going to be subjected to radiation repeatedly, which is going to cause a ton of problems, especially when HOPERcare is coming in. And in deference to Teach’s leg, only using the metal detectors part of the time guarantees that at some point, someone is going to get something nasty on board.

    My solution: Profile, for starters. Sorry, Abdul, you might be one of the good guys, but the bad guys are shopping out of the same catalog. When they start dressing like WASPs and have names like Biff or Marty, then by all means, start searching Whitey as stringently as Abdul.

    Keep those damn metal detectors on full blast! CONSTANTLY! And pat down anyone wearing baggy, concealing clothing. Denise in her baby-tee and hip-huggers probably isn’t concealing a stick of dynamite. A guy in a mumuu might be.

    Card check at the gate. We on the Right are wanting this for voting, we need to have it for air travel too. It takes seconds, and if you are using a fake ID to get on a plane, then you’re clearly doing something you ought not be doing.

    ARMED GUARDS ON PLANES! Not your usual rent-a-cops either; trained air marshals. People tend to behave when other people are armed.

    Until our officials stop limp-wristing and start actually giving a damn about the safety of our citizens and guests, then this sort of crap is going to continue. And escalate.

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