Charles Johnson Lives In His Own Little Insanacrat World

Yes, most of us are ignoring this bat sh*t crazy wackadoodle with his whiny “why I left the Right (like he was ever on the right)” moonbat rants, and, I kinda wanted to go with lighter fare for the afternoon on this day before Christmas, but, this one takes the cake

Racist Wingnut Calls Avatar Racist

Do wingnuts have an aversion to mirrors, like vampires?

Twitter user “obamascare” tweets:

‘Avatar’ Contains Racist and Liberal Messages #tcot Avatar #climategate #gorefraud

With a link to a Yahoo review of the movie. Notice that it’s copied to #tcot, which stands for “Top Conservatives On Twitter.”

The ridiculously hypocritical part of this wingnut’s tweet: “obamascare” uses that disgustingly racist photoshopped picture of Barack Obama as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose as his personal icon.

I’m getting the feeling that Bat Sh*t Crazy Johnson (can we really call him Mad King Charles, Excitable Chucky, etc, when he is clearly insane, and those pejoratives are rather tame? BSCJ also works well, what with his name and all) has neither seen the movie nor has he seen what his buddies, who still mostly ignore him (he got his 2 minutes of fame, then the Left ignored him), have written. Like when Lawyers, Guns, And Money went off on a rant, stating that, intentions be damned, Avatar is racist.

Are you planning on calling LGM out, BSCJ? Step up, Sparky! Seriously, man, get a grip. Did you spend time searching to find that Tweet?

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3 Responses to “Charles Johnson Lives In His Own Little Insanacrat World”

  1. Eric says:

    CJ is most definitely batsh!t crazy these days. As an indicator, witness his silence over Jimmy Carter’s apology to Jews, after CJ relentlessly bashed Carter for his anti-Semitism for years.

    Such things no longer fit his narrative, so he’ll ignore it.

  2. Au contrair, mon ami. Moonbats do not have an aversion to mirrors. Rather they can gaze into the endlessly, thinking of how wonderfully brilliant they are, in that they are smart and know so much more than the average joe. Someone once described Puerto Rico as an island surrounded by mirros. Rather this should be applied to all of this moonbats, etc.. Every where they look they are overwhelmed by their brilliance, beauty, intellect, etc..

  3. Good points, Gents!

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