Secret Service Agents Could Be Made Scapegoats Over Party Crashers

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Secret Service chief Mark Sullivan told a Congressional committee Thursday morning that the agents who admitted Tareq and Michaele Salahi through a White House checkpoint at last week’s state dinner have been placed on administrative leave and could lose their jobs.

And, of course, the person most responsible for what happened, White House social secretary Desirée Rogers, will get off scott free. The WH refused to let her testify, so, she may be subpoenaed by Congress to do so, which Stuttering Robert Gibbs stated the WH will fight. As Newsweek pointed out (via Michelle Malkin),

The White House staff member whose job was to supervise the guest list for state dinners and clear invitees into the events says she was stripped of most of her responsibilities earlier this year, prompting her to resign last June.

The account of Cathy Hargraves, who formerly served as White House “assistant for arrangements,” raises new questions about whether changes that she says were made by President Obama’s social secretary, Desiree Rogers, may have contributed to the security lapses that permitted Virginia socialites Michele and Tareq Salahi to crash the state dinner for India’s prime minister last week and get themselves photographed with the president.

Her job duties included overseeing the invitations for guests at state dinners and keeping track of RSVPs, she says. On the evening of state dinners, she says, she physically stood at the East Gate portico entrance and greeted each of the guests as they arrived, checking their names off a computerized printout of those who had been invited.

Yes, the USSS shares part of the blame, don’t misunderstand me. But, the White House had responsibilities, as well. Unfortunately, Secret Service agents are going to blamed in full. Good thing they are professionals, otherwise they wonder why in the hell they are protecting these incompetents who drive very big buses.

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3 Responses to “Secret Service Agents Could Be Made Scapegoats Over Party Crashers”

  1. PunditKix says:

    Secret Service Agents Could Be Made Scapegoats Over Party Crashers » Pirate’s Cove…

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from PunditKix…

  2. Trish says:

    Of course it’s their fault, they were probably just as stupid as the Cambridge police, or as bad as the CIA and the Navy Seals.
    No way would it be the fault of any of the elitists in the staff and administration of the enlightened one.
    No way would anyone admit that while the Secret Service is ultimately responsible, there had to have been a serious glitch on someone else’s part, in the chain of command that allowed these idiots in the WH.

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