Say, What’s President Sparky Doing During The Big D.C. Tea Party?

Why, he is running away to Minneapolis.

(Yeah, I know, not a very good photoshop. Pressed for time)

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5 Responses to “Say, What’s President Sparky Doing During The Big D.C. Tea Party?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach will YOU be there ?

  2. Snapped Shot says:

    Go Team! Rally in DC Attracts Thousands!…

    Did I say “thousands?”

    I must’ve taken counting lessons from CNN:

    For up-to-the-minute coverage of this historic event, please read: Michelle Malkin, The Jawa Report, Ace of Spades, Six Meat Buffet, Gateway Pundit, Pirate’s Cove (heh), Ho…

  3. your still better at photoshop than I am… He looks like he is ready to hit the guy in front of them..

  4. Unfortunately not, John. I had intended to go, but, I am short a few folks, so, had to work today. Sigh. Had a hotel reserved at the Arlington Suites, where I usually stay. It’s a couple blocks from the Metro. Cancelled it.

    Yeah, he looks a bit pissed off, rather than shocked or surprised like Brave Sir Robin should.

  5. […] certainly kicking the butt of those who came to see Barry’s Coronation. Oh, and remember, Barry ran away to Minneapolis today. So much for listening to opposing […]

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