Convicted Politician Of Some Unknown Party Gets Send Off Party

Let’s play “Name That Party Affiliation!”

Convicted ex-lawmaker cries, grateful to Sparkman crowd

The people started rolling into Sparkman Middle School and getting in line Sunday at 1:45 p.m. in the school’s gymnasium.

The tears soon followed – many of them from former state Rep. Sue Schmitz of Toney.

The people – and the tears – kept coming for the next two hours during Sue Schmitz Day.

The former Sparkman High School teacher of 17 years (1986-2002) and Columbia High School (2003-2006) was convicted in February of fraud in a case in which federal prosecutors said she used political connections to get a job in the two-year college system and then didn’t do the work. She will be sentenced at a later date.

Isn’t that wonderful? They gave her a rousing sendoff before jail time, just to let her know they support her, and thank her for being such a great teacher, legislator, and friend of the community. Despite having hosed the community to get a job she never did. Did I mention she was nailed on 7 of 8 felony fraud counts? ‘Cause the story sure doesn’t. That couldn’t have anything to do with

State Sen. Tom Butler, D-Madison, was there. So was state Rep. Randy Hinshaw, D-Meridianville, state Rep. Butch Taylor, D-New Hope, and County Commissioner Roger Jones. Harvest Volunteer Chief Tim Westwick was there…

I’m still missing the Party identification

Tuesday’s felony convictions automatically remove Schmitz from the Legislature. She was a Democrat representing Toney, in Madison County.

Ah, there it is. Let’s play “Imagine If She Was A Republican.” Of course, she would be identified as such. That is a given. Second, Republicans would not throw her a going away to the big house party, unlike Democrats, who treat going to jail as a time to celebrate, like the mafia does. Third, imagine the outcy from Democrats and their compliant Credentialed Media if Republicans were to do the unthinkable and have a going away to jail party.

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4 Responses to “Convicted Politician Of Some Unknown Party Gets Send Off Party”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Still nothing like US House of Representatives Duke Cuningham getting 6 years or the public support that Sarah Palin gave to US Senator Stevens before he was indicted, after he was indicted, and after he was convicted. Oh and Teach you forgot to mention that this was actually her SECOND trial. In the first trial the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict.. Sentencing is in 90 days. When/if she does NOT receive a jail sentence will you be printing a correction ?

  2. When Cunningham was convicted, Conservatives said “See ya!” We did not throw him a party.

    Stevens had not been convicted at that time, and when he was, everyone, includign Palin, was calling on him to resign.

    She was convicted her second time, and is awaiting sentencing. Forgot that part, eh, John?

    So, you have failed to disprove my point, in that you guys celebrate dem lawmakers who get busted, while we turn our backs on ours.

  3. Reasic says:


    You never cease to amaze me with your willingness to spew nonsense about issues that you do not fully understand.

    This story is unfolding in my backyard. I live in Huntsville. This “liberal media” mantra is getting old, and here in Alabama, it’s nowhere near correct. Read this:

    Our major newspapers in this state have been very supportive of the Republican Party and its activities, which have included the questionable prosecutions of some Democratic Party members.

    Please don’t read one or two stories about this and think you know what’s going on, because you don’t. I’ve been following it from the beginning.

  4. OK, thanks for adding nothing, Reasic, and, like John, avoiding the points I made. Do you approve of her getting a send off party?

    And, I supposed you think there is some deep dark conspiracy, since you have been following it from the beginning, right? So Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

    BTW, John, funny you should mention Stevens, since it seems his conviction is going to voided. =))

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