AGW: Climahysterics/hypocrites To Get Radical

Because the fear mongering the True Believers have been engaged in has of late reduced the belief in anthropogenic global warming, meaning less control, and, oh yes, less prestige and $$$ for the leaders, they are moving to plan B: scientists get radical in bid to halt global warming ‘catastrophe’

THE director of a Nasa space laboratory will this week lead thousands of climate change campaigners through Coventry in an extraordinary intervention in British politics.

James Hansen plans to use Thursday’s Climate Change Day of Action to put pressure on Gordon Brown to wake up to the threat of climate change – by halting the construction of new power stations and the expansion of airports, with schemes such as the third runway at Heathrow.

The move by a leading American researcher is the highest-profile example to date of the way climate change is politicising scientists.

Hmm, didn’t Obama say that he wanted sound science, not politics? I wonder if he approved, and approves, of a NASA scientist, who, of course, works for the US federal government, flying across to England for an AGW rally to put pressure on a foreign government? Not that Obama cares much regarding the way Gordon Brown and the British government is treated, but, it is a strange move for a federal government employee, who I seriously hope is on vacation leave. I guess there is a reason that Hansen’s former NASA boss thinks he should be fired.

After a couple paragraphs which include crystal ball readings from the Copenhagen meetings about how things are going to get really, really bad (which we have been hearing for decades, but do not seem to be happening), we get

Hansen, director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said he believed scientists, the people who knew most about climate change, now had a moral obligation to become politically active.

“We can no longer allow politicians and business to twist and ignore science,” said Hansen.

A moral obligation. OK. Say, Jim, don’t you have a job obligation as a federal employee to not get involved in politics like this? As a scientist, don’t you have an obligation to consider all the science, not just the fear mongering one-sided brand which makes predictions worth of that future telling machine at the arcade?

Hansen also launched a direct attack on the Labour government, criticising its decision to approve a new runway at Heathrow and calling the Kingsnorth proposal a “terrible idea”.

Interesting. To reiterate, is it acceptable for a US federal employee to make these kinds of statements against a foreign government? It is probably 50-50 whether the British government will lodge a protest, since so many of them believe in AGW themselves. But, they might not appreciate Hansen’s activities, which also bring in the hypocrisy. Notice that last part about the runway? Gee, Jim, how’d you get to Jolly Ole England? See the picture at the top of the article for the visual humor.

There won’t be a Gore Effect, the temps will be balmy and normal for the rest of the week in Coventry, but, lord, please, no one tell Hansen about Lady Godiva.

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4 Responses to “AGW: Climahysterics/hypocrites To Get Radical”

  1. Reasic says:

    Why do you keep posting about this subject, which you have admitted you do not even remotely understand? Every time you refuse to talk specifics with me or Silke, you further prove your ignorance on this issue, and your true motives (partisanship vs. science).

    P.S.- If you want to attack me with the same old gossip about my personal choices, be specific. I’d like to know what you think I should do differently.

  2. Well, I notice that all you can do is go for the personal insults, but, failed to actually rebut anything I wrote.

    Go read the Live Aid book, it will tell you all you need to know about reducing your carbon footprint. Actually a good book, since it basically took real environmental measures and made them about AGW.

    Thanks for playing.

  3. Reasic says:

    Well, I notice that all you can do is go for the personal insults, but, failed to actually rebut anything I wrote.

    It’s not a personal insult to point out that you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve even admitted it.

    Go read the Live Aid book, it will tell you all you need to know about reducing your carbon footprint.

    I know how to reduce my carbon footprint, and have made steps to that effect. That’s exactly what I’ve tried to get across to you. I even supplied you with a list of my changes, and yet you STILL continue to claim I’ve done nothing, without any proof or specifics of any kind.

  4. Reasic says:

    One more thing:

    …failed to actually rebut anything I wrote.

    Teach, are you serious? You NEVER counter ANY of my arguments. Any time I try to discuss facts and scientific evidence with you, you run away, and yet you have the tenacity to criticize ME for not refuting any specifics in YOUR argument?! Get real. You’ve proven that this is a wasted effort.

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