Surrender Monkey Friday: Only Barry Is Kool When He Talks To Terrorists

surrender monkey terrorists

It seems as if the Obamateur Administration has an issue with Great Britain

Washington has strongly criticised Britain’s decision to talk to the political wing of Hezbollah, and complained that Barack Obama’s new administration was not properly informed of the move in advance.

The objection underlined the awkward start to the “special relationship” between the US and Britain after Gordon Brown’s visit to Mr Obama last week.

The trip was beset by fears that the old alliance would wane under the new leadership in the White House and a flap over insufficiently thoughtful presents given by Mr Obama to the Prime Minister.

But the first serious policy disagreement has emerged over Hezbollah, the Lebanese movement which Washington brands as a terrorist organisation, following the Foreign Office’s announcement last week that it would talk to the political branch of the militant group.

A senior US government official said that he would like to ask the British to “explain the difference between the political, military and social wings of Hezbollah”, adding, “we don’t see a difference between the integrated leadership that they see”.

Oooooooo-kay. So, Obama is mostly annoyed, it seems, that a sovereign nation, of whose PM and his wife, along with the British press corp, where treated poorly, is deciding to have a talk with terrorists without informing the o-so-sensitive Obambi. Someone get Obama a wah-mbulance! But, wait a moment, it seems it is OK to talk to Iran

The Obama administration is considering lifting a ban on regular diplomatic contacts with Iran and looking at ways to develop a direct line of communication to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, said officials briefed on the deliberations.

The article shows that the B.O. admin is working hard to make those diplomatic contacts with a nation whose government, if not people, is essentially hostile to the USA and supports Middle Eastern terrorism, supports the anti-US elements who kill our troops in Iraq (sometimes directly,) supports stonings, supports hanging homosexuals, etc, and so on, you know the hit parade. Did Obama inform the British of this move?

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