Aussie Fire Survivors PO’d Over Envirowacko Policies

Say, does this sound familiar, particularly when we are talking about fires in places like the national parks, Florida, and California? Angry survivors blame council ‘green’ policy (Andrea Petrie, Arthurs Creek)

ANGRY residents last night accused local authorities of contributing to the bushfire toll by failing to let residents chop down trees and clear up bushland that posed a fire risk.

During question time at a packed community meeting in Arthurs Creek on Melbourne’s northern fringe, Warwick Spooner — whose mother Marilyn and brother Damien perished along with their home in the Strathewen blaze — criticised the Nillumbik council for the limitations it placed on residents wanting the council’s help or permission to clean up around their properties in preparation for the bushfire season. “We’ve lost two people in my family because you dickheads won’t cut trees down,” he said.

Sorry for the language, but, how many times do you see a quote like that in a newspaper? And then it got even angrier.

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3 Responses to “Aussie Fire Survivors PO’d Over Envirowacko Policies”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach id there any connection to these horrible fires and global climate change ?

  2. Trish says:

    My goodness John, does EVERYthing begin and end with Global climate change to you? ‘Cause if you want to get all nitpicky about this issue, I am sure that EVERYTHING from the beginning of time has something to do with changes in the climate. EVERYthing, probably has been somewhat changed over the millions of years.
    But what the heck do you think could have been made any different in this current fire in Australia? Could we have prevented it? I hope you aren’t so arrogant as to say yes to this.
    The only way to have lessened the effects would be, (if environmentalists weren’t so blinded by their goals) had they been allowed to do the sane thing, and clear the brush.

  3. John, the answer would be “No.” They think the fires were started by an arsonist. And, guess what? Fires happened before this current period of warming, too!

    Bingo, Trish!

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